European Business Aviation Association urges governments to collaborate closely

Removing restrictions on travel to and within the EU is required as the industry begins recovery, but must occur with coordination and collaboration.

travel restrictions to be lifted

As Europe prepares to reopen, the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has urged governments in the EU and the EFTA Member States, and the United Kingdom, to lift travel restrictions in a carefully coordinated manner.

The European Business Aviation community welcomes the European Commission’s (EC) efforts to coordinate Europe’s reopening and the recent guidelines on how to resume travel to the Schengen and UK regions safely.

EBAA Secretary-General, Athar Husain Khan, said: “A coordinated approach to lifting travel restrictions is vital to avoid the confusion experienced by some business aviation operators when Europe reopened its internal borders, and effectively restart air travel”.

Aviation operators can offer specific precautionary measures and guarantees that ensure the highest level of safety. Additional health and protection measures were implemented, complying with the most recent EASA and ECDC guidelines for the management of air passengers and aviation personnel. 

This sector is a lifeline for communities, be it for medical transport or as a tool to help governments and businesses generate local economic development.

EBAA calls on governments across the EU and the EFTA Member States and the UK, to work closely together on the lifting of travel restrictions, within and to the EU. Aviation operators and other economic players need predictability, rules that are applicable all around Europe, as well as transparent and timely communications.

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