Birmingham Airport invests £100,000 in customer feedback system

Posted: 21 February 2020 | | No comments yet

The ‘Voice of the Customer’ feedback system is available to access in 80 different locations across the Birmingham Airport site.

Birmingham Airport invests £100,000 in customer feedback system

Credit: Birmingham Airport

In a bid to improve the passenger feedback process, Birmingham Airport (BHX) has announced an investment of over £100,000 into the development of a new customer feedback system, known as the ‘Voice of the Customer’.

The new system has been developed by and provides passengers travelling through the airport with an opportunity to give in-depth feedback about their experience. This is then processed in real-time and sent directly to the Customer Experience team, who are able to process any comments or concerns immediately.

Head of Customer Experience at Birmingham Airport, Stuart Haseley-Nejrup, said: “Over the past year or so, we’ve been focused more than ever on making improvements to the passenger journey. Ensuring our passengers have the best experience possible is a priority for us – we want passengers to remember Birmingham Airport for all of the right reasons. The Voice of the Customer system will help us to do just this, allowing us to delve much deeper into feedback, quicker than ever before.”

Available in 80 different locations across Birmingham Airport’s site, feedback can be submitted through three different mediums – 59 instant feedback touch screens; 10 QR codes, which can be scanned with a mobile or tablet device; or written feedback which can be posted in any of the 10 designated post boxes.

Passengers can access all three types of feedback in areas such as check-in desks, security, departure gates, washrooms, lounges and on-site car parks. In January 2020, Birmingham Airport received 47,000 pieces of feedback from its passengers, compared to roughly 250 per quarter when relying on standalone traditional written surveys.

Haseley-Nejrup continued: “The uplift in feedback since implementing the system has given us invaluable information to create great experiences for our customers, as well as highlighting any friction points across the customer journey for us to make improvements to. What’s more, with the Voice of the Customer system being live, our Customer Experience team can react in the moment to offer service recovery if a certain area of the terminal falls below satisfaction levels set – something we haven’t been able to do until now. The data gathered from all 80 of the systems is currently being analysed to build a mid to long-term customer strategy, with the aim of creating a friction-less customer journey, which is easy and accessible for all.”

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