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Issue 6 2014



Improving runway safety

13 December 2014 | By

Eight years in the making, Oakland International Airport has now completed its runway safety area upgrade programme. Senior Aviation Project Manager, Joshua Polston, provides an overview


Sixty Seconds with Chris Chalk

8 December 2014 | By Chris Chalk, Chairman, British Aviation Group

Chris Chalk, Chairman of the British Aviation Group, discusses collaborative innovation in the airport IT industry.


ATC / ATM supplement 2014

8 December 2014 | By

In this ATC / ATM supplement Mike McKee provides an overview of Denver Airport's performance-based navigation implementation, and Jeff Poole outlines some of CANSO’s priorities and the steps the industry is taking towards achieving seamless airspace globally...


Airport staff investment: The key to collaborative working

8 December 2014 | By Dimitrios Sanos, IATA

In order to minimise risks associated with the human factor, and to improve the performance of operations, airports and ground handlers should invest smartly in training, says Dimitrios Sanos, Product Manager, Airport and Ground Operations Training at IATA.


Working to a more overall pavement surface friction assessment

8 December 2014 | By Belkacem Laïmouche, French Civil Aviation Technical Center

To ensure airfield safety, aerodromes should work towards a more overall pavement surface friction characteristic assessment, says Belkacem Laïmouche, Head of the Airfield Pavements Subdivision at the French Civil Aviation Technical Center.


The Circle: Zurich’s second centre

8 December 2014 | By Beat Pahud, Project Leader, 'The Circle' Project

Switzerland’s biggest commercial property development is taking shape on Zurich Airport’s doorstep. ‘The Circle’ Project Leader, Beat Pahud, reveals how the project is set to revolutionise Zurich The Circle – a breath-taking plan which envisages a small town all in one building – is currently Switzerland’s biggest commercial property development.


Leading Los Angeles Airport into the future

8 December 2014 | By Gina Marie Lindsey, Executive Director, LAWA

Los Angeles International Airport is in the midst of a modernisation and development investment worth £7 billion. Executive Director of Los Angeles World Airports, Gina Marie Lindsey, provides an overview of the projects.


Decision time for UK aviation

8 December 2014 | By Darren Caplan, CEO, UK Airport Operators Association

To achieve real growth, UK aviation needs the Government to make key decisions to support it, says Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the UK Airport Operators Association...