Air Traffic Control / Management In-Depth Focus 2018

Posted: 23 February 2018 | | 1 comment

ATC/ATM operations are some of the most critical in the airport industry, especially with air capacities reaching their max. This In-Depth Focus explores some smart options available to the traffic control/management industry and the steps some experts are taking towards making valuable changes for future success.

Air Traffic Control IDF issue 1 2018
  • Provision of air navigation services at airports: Possible changes ahead?
    The provider of terminal air navigation services delivers critical services to the airport operator. Without air traffic control services, runways and taxiways would be more like a racing circuit; the local green areas being used as a pit stop for migrating birds! Head of Aeronautical Affairs at Geneva Airport, Gaël Poget, reinforces the key role that air traffic control services play in airport operations and outlines the remit for future changes.
  • Remote towers are the future of ATC efficiency in Norway
    Despite Norway’s harsh arctic climate, Avinor Air Navigation Services is implementing the world’s largest Remote Tower Services (RTS) programme. More than 36 sites in Norway have been designated for RTS, and implementation at the initial 15 airports is underway. Here, Assistant Programme Director Hans Støen Lie provides more details.
  • SESAR and digitalising airport operations
    On the surface, ‘digitalisation’ might sound like one of those empty buzzwords that is so often spoken about by panellists at conferences. But digitalisation is real and is radically changing the way we live and, more specifically, the way we travel. In this article for International Airport Review, Florian Guillermet, Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, explains how the technological pillar of the Single Europe Sky is working with airports and other stakeholders in the aviation value chain to develop and deliver tech solutions to meet the passenger demand for seamless and smart air travel.

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One response to “Air Traffic Control / Management In-Depth Focus 2018”

  1. eunbyul KIM says:

    I would like to get information on smart tower concept and digitalized airport operatioins

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