Future Terminal 1 update at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

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Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport provides an update on construction of its new Terminal 1 facility and explains how the development will help it to become the second most popular airport in France…

With a planned opening for 2018, work at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport’s future Terminal 1 is now well underway, with 300 people currently on-site. This innovative addition will give the airport the capacity to develop in line with the air transport industry’s growth and developments. 

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

(Image: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners)

Designed by award-winning architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the new terminal will cover a surface area of 70,000m2, double that of the current terminals. This will enable Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to welcome 15 million passengers by 2020, in order to respond to increasing air traffic, as well as to develop non-commercial revenue and also to increase the operational performance of airline companies.   The terminal will help Lyon Airport to reach their goal of becoming the second most popular airport in France, as well as the main arrival point for the whole of the south-east of the county.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

(Image: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners)

Focused on offering passengers a ‘memorable and pleasant experience that embraces the fun of travel’ (Richard Rogers, architect), the airport will feature a 10,000 m2 area for shops, restaurants and waiting spaces, which will make travelling in and out of Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport an event to look forward to in itself. Clear information boards will allow passengers to manage their time easily, and enjoy the facilities. For example, they will be advised on how long it takes to reach a certain destination, as well as details of car park availability and waiting times. To ensure passenger satisfaction, special attention was paid to clarity of signs, as well as to the quality of natural lighting, which is provided by a 400m2 glass roof.  The terminal will also offer passengers a complete digital experience, with personalised offers, a digital space dedicated to the airport’s travel inspiration site and also a giant screen connected to Aéroports de Lyon’s social networks.

Local businesses have invested €35 million in Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Terminal 1 construction

In constructing the new terminal, Lyon-Saint Exupéry has not only taken the wellbeing of their passengers into account, but also that of the local community. GFC Construction, who are leading the construction of the terminal, have ensured that 75% of their partner companies are local. Local businesses have invested €35 million in these building works, which is 25% of the total cost. Stéphane Slama-Royer, vice President of GFC Construction, stated that the company is ‘mindful to remain drivers of regional economic development’ and believes that ‘SMEs are a source of expertise and innovation’.

‘Innovation is at the heart of this project, from the first design stages to the services offered in the terminal itself’

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

(Image: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners)

Innovation is at the heart of this project, from the first design stages to the services offered in the terminal itself. As the future Terminal 1 will affect all of the company’s employees, Lyon Airports invited everyone to get involved in the development by sharing original and innovative ideas for the construction of the building. The ideas generated highlighted important issues, such as regional identity and time management, and included an immersive playground for children and an amphitheatre to make waiting time more fun.

Digital modelling

Before beginning work, GFC Construction and its partners used digital modelling – Building Information Modelling – an innovative technique not yet widely used in France. This allowed all stages of the project to be individually checked, with each contributor gradually adding their feedback to the BIM tool. As such, all interactions between the contractors and project phases were managed beforehand, right from the design phase.

Just like the project that it represents, communication of the new Terminal’s progress is dynamic, modern and focused on client experience. It was with this in mind that the future Terminal 1 Communication Zone was created – a meeting place where the airport of tomorrow will be presented to the passengers of today.  Screens mounted on glass totems will present a step-by-step overview of the development with short thematic videos. Visitors will also be able to use a large touch screen bollard to explore the website and to deepen their understanding of the project.

Airport of tomorrow presented to passengers of today

Furthermore, innovative equipment will provide passengers with all the services they require, which will also respond to passenger consumption patterns. The terminal will be fully adaptable to welcome the growing low-cost traffic at the airport as well as traffic from traditional airlines. All types of aircraft will be catered on air bridges for; medium-haul carriers, wide-body aircraft and even very large aircraft, with stations compatible with the A380.

Today, 18 months after work started, the main building is closed and covered, with all structural work and roofing finished. The building’s internal partitions are now rapidly advancing, so that it is possible to visualise the interior spaces. With activity expected to reach its peak this year, the best is certainly yet to come at Lyon-Saint Exupéry’s future Terminal 1.

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