Brussels Airport Case study

Posted: 20 October 2022 | | No comments yet

Set right in the heart of Europe, Brussels Airport is a rapidly growing transportation hub and one of the most modern airports in the world.

With a clear sense of direction, Brussels Airport aims to become a fully-connected economic centre that houses the best airport on the continent. To make this happen, airport officials developed the ‘2040 Vision’ which focuses primarily on economic development, with respect for the environment and the community it belongs to. The future development of Brussels Airport will increase the number of destinations, improve passenger experience, along with business opportunities.

To bring this vision to life, airport officials turned to Honeywell for help. Drawing upon its proven expertise in more than 500 airports worldwide, Honeywell developed an Airport Management System (AMS) for Brussels Airport. The AMS integrates and supervises 16 different Honeywell and third-party technical airport management subsystems at Brussels Airport. With all the buildings and installations categorized by zone, this central platform ensures any fault is quickly pinpointed and prioritized. This integrated AMS ensures that the relevant maintenance team is notified in the event of a component failure or calamity.

Honeywell technology masterminds the key airport sub-systems such as: Climate Control- This includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning throughout Piers A and B, boarding bridges, the Topaz building, the Terminal building and the connector building ; Fire Protection- Honeywell’s fire protection system supports life safety management. It controls sprinklers, smoke curtains, smoke extraction units, fire dampers and, elevators; Boarding Bridges, Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) and 400Hz- Honeywell technology also manages the efficient operations of the boarding bridges, the PCA and 400Hz equipment and reports alarms, defects, and status to the AMS; Helpdesk Infrastructure and Facilities- This help desk plays a crucial role in the daily maintenance process of the airport and is staffed. 


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