G&D supports DFS Aviation Services with KVM-over-IP™ matrix

The development engineers of DFS Aviation Services are supported in their highly sensitive work by KVM-over-IP™ technology from Guntermann & Drunck.

Whenever passengers board an aircraft anywhere in the world, they put themselves in the experienced hands of air traffic controllers. No aircraft takes off or lands without being navigated by air traffic control (ATC) experts. As a highly sensitive and complex area, air traffic control requires the highest level of expertise and precise technical equipment.
Guntermann & Drunck supports DFS Aviation Services with KVM-over-IP™ matrix.

DFS Aviation Services is a subsidiary of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS: German Air Traffic Control) and, therefore, part of the DFS group. DFS Aviation Services is a self-certified air navigation services provider (ANSP) for small and medium-sized airports in Germany and also offers customers from all over the world highly professional and customised solutions for air navigation services systems, consulting and training.

At the DFS Aviation Services Head Office in Langen, Germany, the in-house team of engineers is continuously researching new air navigation services systems and applications to make even the most complex airspaces even safer and more efficient. This is also where the DFS radar data processing system PHOENIX is developed, modified and individualised according to customer requirements. The PHOENIX system is used both for monitoring upper airspace (Upper Area Control) and in the airport tower for aircraft control during landings and take-offs, as well as for displaying the situation on the ground. Regardless of the location, the PHOENIX system takes over the responsible task of guiding all planes safely and smoothly to their destination.

State-of-the-art equipment for a mission-critical area


Credit: DFS Aviation Services GmbH

The development engineers of DFS Aviation Services are now supported in their highly sensitive work by state-of-the-art KVM technology in form of a KVM-over-IP™ system from Guntermann & Drunck. With KVM systems, computer equipment can be removed from the work environment of engineers and still be operated remotely in real-time. They also ensure that sensitive data can be decoupled from the workplace and stored with access protection.

KVM as backbone of the IT infrastructure

G&D’s KVM matrix, ControlCenter-IP, is a matrix switch for KVM-over-IP™, which enables the independent operation of several servers via several controller consoles. The system lets developers operate their computers remotely in real-time and without loss of quality or delays. Sensitive data is stored in technical areas with secure access and made available from a distance. All transmitted data is encrypted to guarantee a high level of security. With the user-friendly CrossDisplay-Switching feature, employees can also easily switch between the connected computers simply by moving the mouse.

Thanks to integrated monitoring, system statuses of KVM devices and connected peripherals are continuously monitored, documented and reported to increase system security and prevent failures. This allows users and system administrators to work more efficiently.

Guntermann & Drunck are leading KVM manufacturers with extensive experience in setting up KVM systems for mission-critical environments.

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