Product Showcase: Learning through a digitally-connected classroom

The DFW Fire Training Research Center (FTRC) has trained over 38,000 students from 48 U.S. states and 52 international countries with an adaptable core curriculum that meets various requirements of airport regulatory agencies.


The FTRC can provide training on-campus with the A380 and search/rescue props, off-campus programmes with a team of instructors at differing locations, online courses through the Fire Training Research Network (FTRN), and in different languages (Spanish and Chinese, with more to come).

What is the FTRN?

The Fire Training Research Network (FTRN), is a digital platform focused on bringing you essential training your department needs at a fraction of the cost. Gone are the days of signing up one person for one class at a time. Instead, sign up your department for on-demand or live courses at the DFW FTRC. Technology has the power to transform teaching by learning through a digitally-connected classroom.

What types of courses are offered?

The FTRN offers a variety of digital learning solutions. You can sign up online for a subscription-based training programme, digital compliance training, live online courses, collaborative officer development, or even purchase a version of our interactive software.

How critical is it for training of this kind to be applied in a realistic setting?

Our courses are designed to help responders prepare to respond to virtually any response situation as it is not feasible to provide students the opportunity for hands-on experience with every potential emergency response. Instead, the FTRN’s virtual classroom and portable software represent the opportunity to reach your training goals and professionally prepare for emergencies. These online programmes provide a place to learn the fundamentals, which can then be implemented in a variety of different scenarios and the knowledge tested. This type of training can be utilised by almost any airport employee tasked with emergency response.

How has the ARFF industry evolved, with regards to technology, and where do you see this sector going in the future?

Technology is continually evolving and provides firefighters and airport responders with a chance to learn by doing instead of listening to lectures. Recent research has shown that online learning programmes are bridging the gap between general interest, retention with a specific subject and problem-solving techniques in a near real-world setting.

Can it be tailored to any airport?

Yes! New courses and scenarios are added to the platform regularly and by special request. Our most essential feature in FTRSuite interactive software is the ability to create a custom 3D version of your home airport – a necessary piece of training for your emergency responders. If you would like an online course custom-designed for your airport, please contact us at [email protected]

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