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Securing the States

29 March 2012 | By Chris McLaughlin, Assistant Administrator for Security Operations at the Transport Security Administration

Over the past year, the Transpor - tation Security Administration (TSA) has made great strides to implement smarter, intelligencedriven, and more efficient screening procedures at airport checkpoints around the country. The agency is moving away from a one-size-fits-all security model to an approach built on mitigating risk. These strategic enhancements…


Enhancing aviation security – How TSA is using technology, innovation, and collaboration to redefine screening operations

4 February 2008 | By Mike Golden, Assistant Administrator for Operational Process and Technology/Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer, FAA

How TSA is using technology, innovation, and collaboration to redefine screening operations The fundamental challenge of protecting passengers and transportation networks against an act of terrorism is a constantly changing, unpredictable threat environment. TSA knows that terrorists seek to exploit our weaknesses. We also know that terrorists attempt to adapt…


TSA checkpoint security technology evolves

7 February 2009 | By Robin E. Kane, Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Technology, TSA

Over the course of 2008, TSA deployed, piloted and tested several technologies that greatly enhanced the screening process for travellers all across the country. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that harmonises a high level of security with the need to ensure freedom of movement for travellers.


The role of imaging technology

11 April 2011 | By Robin Kane, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Administrator, Office of Security Technology at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is dedicated to protecting our Nation’s transportation systems and safeguarding the travelling public. We face an adaptive adversary who seeks vulnerabilities in our system and, as a result, TSA must employ new methods to stay ahead of evolving threats. Security technologies, such as Advanced Imaging…