How confident are you in conducting your security risk assessments?

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12 July 2016

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12 July 2016

When evaluating and determining the overall airport performance, it is particularly crucial to have a balanced view of the passenger terminal system from the perspective of different airport stakeholders and users.Therefore, IATA and ACI have joined forces to provide an objective and unbiased analysis of the provided Level of Service (LoS) at terminal facilities. The new guidelines were published in the latest update of IATA’s Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM). This neutral assessment determines the best possible solutions to optimise the LoS and available terminal capacity for the whole airport community.As the new LoS concept comes with a completely new philosophy, this webinar will provide participants with detailed insights to this new framework and its proper application. Practical examples from recent IATA Consulting projects will illustrate how to best apply the rather abstract definition to real cases.


Risk assessments are so simple and intuitive that we tend not to document them until a situation arises where we wish we had, by which time it’s too late! In this webinar, Mike Woodall, Assistant Director of Security Consulting and Capacity Development at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), discusses IATA’s Threat and Risk Audit Matrix.

IATA believes that all organisations and risk managers should have the ability, confidence and associated supporting tools to effectively evidence, evaluate and review the threats, vulnerabilities, consequences, mitigation actions and ultimately the residual risks that affect their business.

Designed to provide the tools, templates, scoring metrics and electronic matrix needed to create, populate, evaluate, maintain and track the individual components of risk assessments in a timely, effective and evidence-based fashion, IATA’s Threat and Risk Audit Matrix enables individuals and organisations to become increasingly confident and ‘self- sufficient’ in respect of risk assessment creation.

During the webinar, IATA presents an effective evidence-based methodology and accompanying Toolkit to better support and educate the creation of timely, robust and documented risk assessments that can be monitored, evaluated, audited and adjusted in light of changing circumstances.


Mike WoodallMike Woodall
Assistant Director: Security Consulting and Capacity Development
International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Mike Woodall has worked for the UK Government for over 30 years and has focused on aviation security for the past 16 years. Mike is currently on secondment to IATA as the Assistant Director of Security Consulting and Capacity Development. 

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