Getting to a 50/50 split between aero and non-aeronautical revenues at Lithuanian Airports

Watch this exclusive interview with the Chief Commercial Officer of Lithuanian Airports, Gintarė Norvilaitė-Tautevičė.

International Airport Review Editor Holly Miles, caught up with Gintarė Norvilaitė-Tautevičė, Chief Commercial Officer of Lithuanian Airports to discuss non-aeronautical revenues.

Together they discussed Gintarė’s role as CCO, the operator’s split between aeronautical and non-aero revenues prior to the pandemic and the current state now, how they are diversifying revenues, the change in passenger behaviour they are observing where passengers are now indulging in luxury services like the lounge, fast track and VIP, the exciting new departure terminal being constructed at Vilnius Airport, plus how passengers spend “the golden hour” in departures before boarding their flight and her interesting and innovative ideas on how certain spaces in the airport should be used. 

Gintarė warned that airports need to prepare for future challenges such as pandemics and wars, as well as new passenger profiles coming through the airports meaning that they need to adjust their retail offering.

The new generation of passengers is coming and we cannot trust our revenue streams on tobacco sales…There are some categories in retail still very much underrepresented.”

Gintarė also outlined a bold and ambitious vision to achieve a 50/50 aero/non-aeronautical revenue split by 2030, which they will look to achieve by diversifying revenues into other areas such as real estate.

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