Gearing up to welcome back Chinese passengers: An interview with Cambodia Airports

Posted: 14 March 2023 | | No comments yet

At the ROUTES ASIA conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, International Airport Review Editor Holly Miles, caught up with Stephen King, Chief Commercial Officer of Cambodia Airports.

For this exclusive interview with International Airport Review, Stephen discussed the recovery of their airports. Non-China traffic is at over 70%, but that they have a very close relationship with China which means they are anticipating a good recovery once that market re-establishes.

He went on to say that they are looking to grow their air service by getting the message out to airlines that Angkor Wat is not the only tourist attraction to see in Cambodia, in fact there are beaches better than the Maldives in the southern islands. Cambodia is a fast growing country with a growing middle class which means there is growing outbound tourism and a growing business travel market – in 2022 25% of passengers were travelling to Cambodia on business visas.

While their main airport in the country, Phnom Penh International Airport is traditionally a point-to-point market but there are more airlines that are taking notice of Cambodia’s unique geographical position between north and south Asia and so they are hoping to establish themselves in the transfer market. 

In terms of route development ambitions, Stephen said that there are no direct connections between Cambodia and India, Indonesia and Australia, and that he believes that the demand is there. 

Watch this exclusive interview with Cambodia Airports now! 

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