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Posted: 17 May 2024 | | No comments yet

Listen to this exclusive International Airport Review podcast with the Head of Air Traffic Services at Edinburgh Airport.

In this podcast episode, we spoke with Vicky Bhogal-Hunt, Head of Air Traffic Services at Edinburgh Airport, Air Navigation Solutions Ltd (ANSL).

In this exclusive interview Vicky discussed her career journey to date, the recruitment, training and retainment of air traffic control officers, how ANSL is working to modernise the air space at Edinburgh Airport, as well as her challenges and opportunities.

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airspace modernisation vicky bhogal-hunt

Credit: ANSL.

About the interviewee

Vicky Bhogal-Hunt has more than 26 years of invaluable experience within the air traffic management (ATM) industry. She joined ANSL in September 2019 as Operations Specialist, with her insight and expertise playing a key role in managing the volatile aviation environment during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to her appointment as HoATS, Vicky was deployed as Manager Air Traffic Services at Cambridge Airport, where under secondment from ANSL, she managed the day-to-day operations and coordinated an ATM training programme, as well as overseeing compliance activities across the unit as the accountable manager.

Before joining ANSL in 2019, Vicky was an Air Traffic Controller and also during that time an Instructor, Examiner, Watch Manager and UCS Coordinator for 20 years – principally at Birmingham Airport, and initially at Farnborough.

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