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On 23-24 April, a seminar and workshop on ATM security oversight by National Supervisory Authorities took place in Dubrovnik…


On 23-24 April, a seminar and workshop on ATM security oversight by National Supervisory Authorities took place in Dubrovnik, organised by the Croatian Civil Aviation Authority with support from EUROCONTROL.

“The achievement of an appropriate level of security in ATM is very important for the global and European aviation community in order to protect passengers and goods from exposure to any unlawful interference such as criminal or terrorist attacks.” stated Mr. Omer Pita, Head of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency and chair of the seminar.

The event was attended by EUROCONTROL (represented by Mr Luc Tytgat, Director Single Sky), NATO, representatives of the civil aviation authorities from nine states in the region as well as the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure and the Croatian Ministry of Defence.

During the first day, NATO and EUROCONTROL speakers addressed the concept of ATM security including cyber security, the roles and responsibilities involved, the regulatory framework and the need for civil military cooperation. The second day was dedicated to the production of a manual to help National Supervisory Authorities carry out the ATM security oversight function.

Mr Pita added that “In order to determine the appropriate security level and corresponding measures, the real threat first needs to be assessed. It is the responsibility of national and international civilian and military aviation supervisory authorities to ensure implementation of appropriate security measures in response to the different threats and risks that can occur. ATM, airspace, airports and aircraft security are integral parts of overall aviation security. Also, civil-military cooperation in this area is indispensable to ensure the best possible level of protection”.

Mr. Tytgat commented that “Events like this, held at international level, are important and encouraging to ensure that ATM security is further improved, notably through the emphasis they place on the role and responsibility of national supervisory authorities. Cross-border civil and military cooperation in ATM is vital in order to achieve a high level of performance in security. But the outcome of these events is more far reaching in the sense that they provide a common platform to all relevant parties for considering the issue of ATM security from a wide perspective”. Mr. Tytgat also noted that the support provided by EUROCONTROL to the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, in line with EUROCONTROL’s policy of support to States, had been very much appreciated.

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