Changes to traffic zone at arrivals: airport remains easily accessible

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The traffic area at Arrivals where passengers can be picked up is to be renovated…

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The traffic area at Arrivals where passengers can be picked up is to be renovated and adapted for safety and increased passenger comfort, in various steps over the coming years. Following the construction of a safe waiting area in January, a second phase from 7 May will see work begin on the road surface and the concrete structure.

This renovation will include raised pedestrian crossings, wider pavements and additional protective barriers as well as new lighting. These adaptations will contribute to improved safety for pedestrians and an orderly Arrivals area.

Overnight between 3 and 4 May as well as 4 and 5 May the top layer of asphalt will be removed and this area will be temporarily inaccessible to traffic. Works will commence on 7 May and the Arrivals pick-up area will be closed until Spring 2013 for all vehicles except taxis, emergency vehicles and local traffic.

The airport and all car parks will remain easily accessible by car at all times during this work. Car park users are reminded that it is possible to drive straight into the car park from the access road: this is easier than the indirect route opposite the airport terminal.

To guarantee a smooth and safe flow, traffic will be directed using an adapted signalling system. There will also be a change to the speed limit on the A201, the access road to the airport. This situation will be closely observed and evaluated, in consultation with the federal police. During the work, traffic speed at the airport as well as dropping off at Departures will be closely monitored.

The renovation work will improve both traffic safety and passengers’ sense of safety within this covered area. Studies have started to fully review and improve passenger and car flows in this area. Eventually, Brussels Airport aims to develop a low-traffic or traffic-free Arrivals area, like those already in operation at most of the world’s major airports.

The traffic system at Departures will remain unchanged after and during this work.

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