Fraport AG playing its part in industry initiative on climate change

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ACI Europe has announced the latest results of its climate change initiative, Airport Carbon Accreditation…

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The European airport trade body Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe) today announced the latest results of its climate change initiative, Airport Carbon Accreditation, the voluntary carbon management certification program launched in June 2009 by several airports including Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Independently administered¹ and institutionally endorsed, Airport Carbon Accreditation now boasts 55 airports certified in Europe and 1 in Asia-Pacific – each Airport Carbon Accredited at one of the four available certification levels (Mapping, Reduction, Optimization and Neutrality).

Fraport AG’s Frankfurt Airport is Airport Carbon Accredited at the Reduction level and is expected to reach the Optimization level in several weeks.Dr. Stefan Schulte, executive board chairman of Fraport AG – the company owning and managing Frankfurt Airport – commented: “Today’s announcement by Airport Carbon Accreditation clearly demonstrates how seriously the airport industry is treating the issue of climate change, and we at Frankfurt Airport are proud to have succeeded in becoming part of that effort. Furthermore, Fraport’s Antalya Airport is also Airport Carbon Accredited at the Reduction level.The efficiencies gained through the various things we do to reduce CO2 are rarely visible to passengers, but these latest results help put into perspective all the work going on behind the scenes and the progress² we are making.”


  1. The program is administered by independent consultancy WSP Environment & Energy, overseen by an independent Advisory Board including representatives of the European Commission, ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) EuroControl, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program).
  2. In Year 1, the program certified 18 airports and achieved a reduction of 411,390 metric tons of CO2. In Year 2, there were 43 accredited airports and a reduction of 729,689 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to removing around 180,000 cars from the roads. Final results of the CO2 reduction achieved for Year 3 will be announced at the 22nd ACI Europe Annual Congress in Madrid from June 20 to 22, 2012.
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