Aberdeen International Airport consults on latest Noise Action Plan

Aberdeen Airport looks at ways to mitigate aviation-related noise as Draft Noise Action plan is due for renewal.


Aberdeen International Airport is to liaise with members of the public, local authorities and other key stakeholders as part of a consultation which will set out proposed measures to manage and mitigate the impact of aviation-related noise.

Local communities will be invited to provide their views on the Draft Noise Action Plan through during the six-week public consultation which will close on Friday 9th November.

Airports are required to update noise action plans every five years, to ensure that the noise of the airport is not excessive and is managed in the correct way. Once finalised, the new plan will cover airport operations up until 2023.

The airport has made significant progress in tackling aircraft noise, and already has a comprehensive package of measures in place.

Roger Hunt, Chief HR and Development Director at AGS Airports Ltd, which owns Aberdeen International Airport, said: “The airport plays a vital role in supporting the economy of the North East and we are committed to ensuring it continues to do so in a responsible and sustainable manner. Through talking to our local communities we know that airport related noise is an important issue for some. This consultation will provide people with the opportunity to share their views on the range of measures we have and will be putting in place to help manage the effects of noise. We want to strike the right balance between growing in a responsible manner whilst enhancing the undoubted economic and social benefits of the airport.”

The airport aims to reduce noise in four main areas around the airport; 

  1. Reduction of noise at source;
  2. Land-use planning and
  3. Noise abatement operational
  4. Operating restrictions on

Details of the Draft Noise Action Plan can be viewed at the Aberdeen International Airport’s website

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