Short-Term Forecast revised down due to traffic deceleration and weaker economic situation

Posted: 10 January 2012 | EUROCONTROL | No comments yet

2011 is forecast to see 3.3% (± 0.1%) growth in flights across Europe…


2011 is forecast to see 3.3% (± 0.1%) growth in flights across Europe, a downwards revision from the last publication. Current economic trends as well as traffic disruptions in Egypt and Libya have led to decelerated flight growth, including declines in some States.

Therefore, there will be fewer flights in 2012 than were expected in September 2011 (±1.6% growth) even though major sporting events will take place this year.

However, the forecast for 2013 shows some signs of recovery with 3.5% (±1%) growth in flights across Europe.

This forecast uses data from November 2011 and will be revised next month along with the medium-term forecast. Due to the uncertain political situation in North Africa and the economic situation in Europe, we expect a further downward revision then.

For more details on European air traffic previsions for 2011-213, download the Short-Term Forecast Flight Movements 2011-2013.

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