R-SYS & SkySoft-ATM to deploy Operational Data Recording System solution in the future Area Control Center in Bratislava

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Operational Data Recording System deployed…

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Operational Data Recording System based on SkyRec video has been deployed in the current LPS Area Control Center in Bratislava in 2009 and in order to equip new Area Control Center LPS has placed a new order with R-SYS the Slovak IT company specialized in ATC solutions deployment and SkySoft-ATM.

“The solution is based on the same technology we have used successfully in operations for almost 2 years. We are very happy about the flexibility and the user friendliness of this solution” says Mr. Haluska “and also by the professional work being done to implement it by R-SYS and SkySoft-ATM”. The new ACC will be in operation in 2012.

LPS will benefit from the newest generation of SkyRec Blackbox .

For more information about the SkyRec BlackBox and SkySoft-ATM: and R-SYS:

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