EUROCONTROL contributes to EASA’s Annual Safety Review

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For the first time ever in the EASA Annual Safety Review, a specific chapter on ATM has been included…


For the first time ever in the EASA Annual Safety Review, a specific chapter on ATM has been included, containing safety data derived from EUROCONTROL’s reporting mechanism, the Annual Summary Template (AST).

Now that EASA’s mandate has been extended to ATM and airports and in line with the mutually-agreed Working Programme 2011, the EUROCONTROL Safety Analysis team has supported EASA by giving specific information and statistics on ATM-related occurrences. These have been incorporated into an ATM chapter which is featured in EASA’s 2010 Annual Safety Review.

The chapter that EUROCONTROL contributed contains information on ATM accidents and incidents sourced from the mandatory safety data reports provided by our 39 Member States. For the purpose of this report, the analysis was limited to the States in the EASA system only.

Read the EASA Annual Safety Review 2010

The SAFER system

The Safety Analysis Function and associated Repository (SAFER) system is the principal tool we at EUROCONTROL use in our safety data analysis work. It consists of the European ATM Safety Data Repository and is based on mandatory and voluntary safety data reports.

SAFER is designed to provide the ATM component of the European Commission’s aviation-wide reporting system; it is based on ECCAIRS (European Co-Ordination Centre for Aviation Incident Reporting Systems).

After evaluation of the deliverables and associated processes, EASA’s Safety Analysis and Research department and EUROCONTROL have agreed to both continue and enhance the cooperation in this area in the years to come.

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