EUROCONTROL nominated as Europe’s ‘Network Manager’

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EUROCONTROL received a letter from the EC, nominating the Agency to take on the role of European ‘Network Manager…


EUROCONTROL has just received a formal letter from the European Commission, nominating the Agency to take on the role of European ‘Network Manager’ as defined in the Single European Sky II (SES) legislation.

Following the invitation of the European Commission, EUROCONTROL is now seeking the formal approval of its Members States to accept the nomination.

The network manager is a key element of the SESII package. Its main function is to ensure improved performance across the network by developing and implementing common procedures for designing, planning and managing the European ATM network.

As set out in the Network Management Regulations, the Network Manager will:

  • monitor, report and forecast the performance of the European ATM network based on the agreed performance targets;
  • act as a central unit for air traffic flow management across Europe;
  • ensure the European airspace can accommodate the additional capacity needs and seamlessly integrates airports into the network;
  • give Member States and partners access to common resources;
  • support the deployment of technological improvements across the European ATM network.

In 2010, EUROCONTROL undertook a reform programme to adapt itself to the changing political and operational context and to prepare itself for the role of Network Manager.

“EUROCONTROL is ideally placed to take on the role of the Network Manager,” says David McMillan, EUROCONTROL Director General.

“This nomination is a token of the appreciation and trust of our stakeholders for more than 50 years of service to the ATM community. It is also an exceptional challenge for the next 50 years”.

Commission Regulation laying down a performance scheme for air navigation services and network functions

Official Journal of the European Union

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