FREQUENTIS Flight Data Solutions are Ready for the Future

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Frequentis has successfully launched the latest release of its smartStrips flight data solutions…

Frequentis has successfully launched the latest release of its smartStrips flight data solutions. The new release is based on an ATC-grade platform with unrivalled safety features, and provides stateof-the-art automation for tower and en-route control centres. It also sets out a transition path accounting for upcoming changes to the flight plan (FPL) format, as described in amendment 1 to the ICAO PANS ATM Doc 4444.

The company has also announced a new product named smartINMO. This flight plan mapper plugs seamlessly into an existing communication and information management environment, and addresses the challenges faced by ANSPs during the transition to the new FPL format. smartINMO effortlessly translates FPL and follow up messages from the old format to the new one (and vice versa), producing the exact output that is required at the relevant user’s end. This lets ANSPs avoid the complexities that would otherwise arise with the new format. smartStrips is an advanced electronic flight strips system. It increases the efficiency of tower operations through automation and improved situational awareness, while also providing such safety benefits as runway incursion warnings or flight level adherence warnings. It integrates fully with available flight data processing systems, airport operational databases, and meteorological data.

To cope with increasing traffic demands, it also provides digital departure clearance (DCL) to aircraft using standard datalink connections. Frequentis smartStrips is recognised as a leading air traffic information management technology and is used by a wide variety of major air navigation service providers to supply safe, graphical flight progress monitoring with excellent situational awareness. It uses interactive glass tablet displays to enhance and replace traditional paper-based methods.

Frequentis is an active driver of the next generation of ATM systems. The company’s involvement in SESAR and Nextgen ensures that its products will support a smooth transition to the future ATM systems.

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