Airplane WiFi firm joins cyber security information sharing centre – corrected

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Inmarsat has announced it has joined the Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center (A-ISAC), an international membership association for sharing cybersecurity information targeted at the aviation sector.

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INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP: Inmarsat has joined the Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center

As part of the A-ISAC, Inmarsat will be working collaboratively with these members and more to develop and share ‘timely and actionable information related to best practices, protective measures, threats and vulnerabilities’.

A-ISAC members are located on five continents and are leaders in the airline, airport, platform, satellite, and equipment manufacturing segments of the industry.

Correction: In yesterday’s story we said that membership of the Aviation ISAC included US Government organisations including the CIA and the FBI. This is incorrect. No government agency of any country, U.S. or international, is a member of the Aviation ISAC, nor is any government agency eligible for membership in the Aviation ISAC.

We apologise for any confusion caused by this mistake, which was made in good faith.

“Our decision to join the Aviation ISAC was driven by our desire to be proactive in protecting our systems from potential cyber-attacks,” said Joseph Teixeira, Inmarsat Vice President, Aviation Safety and Cyber Security.

“Companies can no longer operate as separate entities to keep pace with the constantly changing cyber security landscape. By being part of one association, we receive real-time updates and are networked across the global aviation ecosphere, expanding our security management capabilities exponentially.

“Inmarsat is proud to be part of the aviation association that is working to create a safer and more resilient global air space. ”

A-ISAC Executive Director, Jeff Troy highlighted the importance of Inmarsat’s membership in the association. He said: “Protecting its products and networks is a top priority for Inmarsat. Cyber protection is a core component of the company’s security plans and by joining the association Inmarsat will play a key role in sharing best practices and helping the sector to innovate. We look forward to working with them as part of the A-ISAC community.”

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