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Clip Mobile is an anywhere, anytime app developed to make your life easier and position you to provide the best possible passenger experience.


What happens when a passenger requiring disability assistance shows up for a connecting flight unexpectedly because the departure station did not-or was not able to-pass on the information?

Or perhaps a passenger traffic alert at passport control, maybe an (inaudible) announcement on the Storno, was not enough to effectively respond to the situation?

These are just some of the many issues that arise at airports every day because flight data cannot be processed, shared, or corrected in time. The air transportation industry is still using walkie-talkies, telexes, and too often paper to pass on information between the ramp, airport, and control room. As you can imagine, there is no efficient way to centralise—or keep track of—this information. Trying to get a complete picture of the situation for a given flight is like trying to put together a puzzle with half of the pieces missing. Even if you were able to put the pieces together, it would be too late. And the impact on operating efficiency is substantial.

Deolan is doing something about it with Clip, a solution designed specifically to meet the air transportation industry’s need for real-time flight data and communications. Clip leverages a data platform to deliver collaborative tools, dashboards, and analytics. All this is done in real time. Crucial data for every stage in the cycle of each flight turnaround, from ticketing to operations, is available to all of the stakeholders who need it to improve the operations and passenger experience. Clip Mobile, a smartphone and tablet app, goes even further. For example, a service provider can track operations from touchdown, view operational (Type B) messages, respond to any events that could create delays, and communicate in real time with the flight coordinator and ground traffic regulation to rapidly make the best possible decisions.

All this is done in real time.

Clip Mobile helps all stakeholders keep their commitments to passengers by providing enhanced traceability of all operations and facilitating communication and, therefore, cooperation. Both iPhone and Android versions are available.

The app has two main components: – An interface that centralises all messages by flight (schedules, delays, passenger lists, baggage, etc.) – An instant messaging system

The app is intuitive: Each flight is accessed by flight number and flight information is displayed in conversations tagged by type of activity (baggage, check-in, catering, etc.) or by profile (airport assistance, operations, CCo, etc.). Messages are shared only with the concerned stakeholders to ensure optimal security. “This is a major step forward in terms of cooperation,” said Deolan CEO Yves Tuet.

“Clip Mobile provides even greater capabilities, with real-time push notifications to ensure reliable, traceable communication of operational events, from technical issues and weather to unclaimed baggage, service provider delays, and last-minute crew changes.”

Clip Mobile is a valuable decision-assistance tool, offering a powerful user interface and real-time transmission of flight information. More than 100 users—international airlines, airports around the world, and airport service providers—are already reaping the benefits of Clip Mobile.

Clip Mobile is an anywhere, anytime app developed to make your life easier and position you to provide the best possible passenger experience.

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