CA+ supports AIDX flight data format

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Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) has recently implemented the Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) standard developed by IATA and ACI…

CA+ supports AIDX flight data format

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+), the industry leading solution that helps airports control, manage and boost their non-aeronautical revenues, has recently implemented the Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) standard developed by IATA and ACI, to streamline its ability to obtain airport operational and flight data and correlate this with airport retail, F&B and car parking revenues.

CA+ supports AIDX flight data format

The correlation of an airport’s operational data with its commercial revenues can assist an airport to further optimise and maximise its returns.  While CA+, has been able to import operational data through the development of bespoke interfaces, its support of the increasingly widely adopted AIDX standard provides for a smoother implementation.

CA+ now supports the receipt of detailed flight, operations and passenger numbers data in AIDX format. Flight data is used in CA+ in order to enrich its powerful business intelligence tool, and provide airport commercial teams with greater insights.  With this in place, airports can begin to understand patterns of passenger spending across different destinations, airlines, routes, terminals, gates and more and begin to influence operational strategies and tactics as well as route development decisions.

Airports using AODB systems that export leg data in AIDX format can now easily hook up to CA+ and begin to provide airports with this much needed insight.

Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) is the official world standard for exchanging flight data between airlines, airports, vendors and systems, established by IATA, ATA and ACI.

This integration project was first developed in close collaboration with the Gentrack team whose Airport 20/20 AODB was being used by an airport who required its integration to CA+.  “At Gentrack we recognise the importance of assessing commercial operations in the light of operations and are pleased to combine the value of Airport 20/20 with CA+ using an industry standard technology and customer centric approach” said Ilya Burkin, Business Development Manager of Gentrack.

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