TIACA and ACI strengthen co-operation with MoU

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The International Airport Cargo Association (TIACA) and Airports Council International (ACI) have signed an MoU to improve the level of efficiency, safety, and sustainability of air cargo operations, working within the airport ecosystem.

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In order to strengthen co-operation for the benefit of their members and the airport industry, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and the Airports Council International (ACI) have announced the signature of an MoU.

The main objective of the MoU is to improve the level of efficiency, safety, and sustainability of air cargo operations, working within the airport ecosystem. The aim is to benefit the aviation industry, as well as its related stakeholders.

The MoU covers:

  • Development of joint advocacy programmes in the context of ICAO events, aimed at facilitating the sustainable growth and development of the aviation industry, with a focus on cargo.
  • Co-operation in the establishment of joint programmes or mutual support of industry initiatives, in particular in the domains of aviation workforce and social sustainability.
  • Mutual support for and collaboration across actions and initiatives aiming to achieve the industry agreed goal of Net-zero 2050.
  • Participation in each other’s working groups and committees as necessary, to provide industry expertise and strategic orientation where appropriate;
  •  Collaborating on the establishment of relevant industry guidance material and technical recommendations on topics of use for the respective memberships;
  • Cross-promotion of relevant activities, such as events or publications, to each other’s membership or relevant governance bodies;
  • Sharing of relevant documents, data and information as needed in the context of the parties’ work programmes.  

“TIACA aim is to unite air cargo and by coming together with key organisations like ACI, is just one of the ways we are actively doing this. By coming together on key items, we are working together to support the industry in its sustainable growth and development, while ensuring the most efficient and safe operation possible.” said Steven Polmans, Chair, TIACA.

“Efficient and sustainable cargo operations at airports are crucial to the global economy and the well-being of communities worldwide. We are pleased to be strengthening cooperation with TIACA to improve the overall levels of safety, efficiency, and sustainability of cargo operations. Through joint advocacy, programs, and initiatives, our collective efforts will contribute to a more efficient aviation ecosystem for all.” added Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director Genera land CEO, ACI World.

“Cooperation with organisations like ACI is essential to the mission to our association. It allows both bodies to better serve their members and the industry. We are excited to get to work and create strong synergies between the two organisations, particularly in the area of sustainability.” concluded Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA.

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