Heathrow launches consultation for its updated Noise Action Plan

Heathrow has launched a public consultation for its next Noise Action Plan, which aims to deliver quieter nights and quieter flights for local residents.  

Heathrow Noise Abatement

Plan aims to deliver quieter nights and flights for local residents

Heathrow has launched a public consultation on 05 June, 2023 for new proposals for its next Noise Action Plan that aims to deliver quieter nights and quieter flights for local residents.  

Heathrow is a great asset to the local area, providing high quality jobs, business opportunities and outreach within the community. The airport also recognises and works to mitigate some of the negative impacts its operation can have on those who live closest, as part of our role as being a responsible neighbour.

Getting local resident feedback on the new proposals in our latest Noise Action Plan will help Heathrow Airport deliver a plan that works best for communities.  

The new plan will be introduced in 2024 and will run until 2028. It is designed to focus on measures to improve the wellbeing of communities, by increasing actions to help reduce the impact of noise. Included are proposals that will help reduce sleep disturbance from night flights, like the Quiet Night Charter and better management of night-time ground noise.  

Becky Coffin, Director of Communities and Sustainability, Heathrow said: “As the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow is an asset for West London’s economy. The airport provides quality jobs to over 35,000 people in our five local boroughs alone. But we know that those communities closest to the airport also experience the negative impacts of noise which is why we’re updating our Noise Action Plan with a new set of proposals to make flights and nights quieter for local residents over the next five years. We hope local residents will offer their feedback on our proposals so that we can get the best plan that works for communities.” 

Heathrow’s mission to reduce noise disturbance for local communities and neighbours is key to the Heathrow 2.0 Sustainability Plan, which sets out how the airport will take a leading role in ensuring the communities in the surrounding area can be a great place to live and work.

To get the best plan for local communities, Heathrow is encouraging residents to provide their honest feedback and thoughts on the proposals. Consultation events include a free to attend webinar and an opportunity to meet in person and ask questions of Heathrow’s dedicated Communities team of experts.  

The proposed Noise Action Plan 2024 – 2028 can be found online at, along with detail of the consultation events.  

The consultation is open for six weeks from Monday 05 June to Monday 17 July 2023.

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