Cofely: uDrop, the self-service bag drop solution, now on trial in the Charles de Gaulle airport

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Cofely Airport Services announced the implementation of a trial program at Charles De Gaulle airport…

Cofely Air Services

Today, Cofely Airport Services announced the implementation of a trial program at Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport. Cofely’s self-service bag drop solution, uDrop, was selected for the trial.

uDrop is a solution that gives passengers an end-to-end self-service check-in process. With the Self Bag Drop, the passenger can complete the entire check-in process without having to queue at the check-in desk.

“With uDrop, passengers will have full control over the check-in process. They can choose the way they want to manage their process until going to the security checkpoint,” said Cofely Airport Services Vice President Pierre Loyer. “A ‘win-win’ solution for everyone.”

According to the 2013 SITA/Air Transport World Passenger IT Trends Survey, 90% of airports plan to implement assisted bag drop by 2016. With better use of staff and space, reduced costs and increased efficiency, passenger empowerment makes a win-win-win for airports, airlines and travelers. The recent big push has been luggage self-tagging. From this initiative, bag drop is rapidly becoming the next self-service milestone.

 “Our goal with this trial is to improve our passengers’ experience and provide a solution the airport is comfortable using,” said Loyer. “Passengers will have the option to drop their bag at any time for early check in, incentive to use the fast track lane or discount to duty free shop, for example. Passengers can drop their luggage in the parking lot or at the train station, and they will be reassured because the bag is checked in; as a result, they will have time to shop and enjoy the amenities at the airport. It takes only about 30-40 seconds per passenger to use; it’s very quick.”

Cofely believes that airlines at CDG airport could experience significant benefits from providing self-service bag drop options. “It’s the next logical step toward passenger empowerment from mobile check-in, via smart phone or computer at home,” said Loyer. “It increases check-in capacity without any terminal building extension and improves the passenger experience.”

For uDrop, Cofely will provide a completely configurable counter top station, with a bag tag and receipt printer embedded.  With these in place, the uDrop station can be used as one- or two- step process. The design of the station may be adapted to the constraint of the airport in terms of design, color, and shape, and will have full 24/7 technical support and services, with a dedicated hotline.

“Our uDrop system it IATA CUPPS and CUSS compliant, is easy to integrate with DCS and BHS, and has three modular and configurable solutions,” said Loyer. “Our long history with baggage and passenger solutions in various airport around the world gives us a unique understanding of what passengers need, and we have the ability to provide a solution which addresses user criteria. Our knowledge of the industry gives us the ability to integrate the airport and airline environments.”

Aside Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, the uDrop solution is also implemented in the Airport of Montréal and in the Airport of Nice, in France.

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