Major service revamp in progress at Helsinki Airport: nearly 70 stores and restaurants to open and redesigned in 2014-2015

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The Finnish airport operator Finavia has launched a major service improvement at Helsinki Airport…

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The Finnish airport operator Finavia has launched a major service improvement at Helsinki Airport. The current development programme involves the most extensive changes carried out at the airport during any single period of its history. Helsinki Airport now introduces international top brands and adds new variety to its restaurant selection.

“During the summer and autumn of 2014 and year 2015, we will open nearly 70 new or renewed stores and restaurants at the airport. We aim to continuously improve the service selection available to travellers. Finavia finds it important to ensure that the airport services meet the customers’ expectations and wishes,” says Business Director Anne Gullstén from Finavia.

Gullstén says that at the beginning of the year, Finavia launched an investment programme worth one billion euros with the goal of strengthening Helsinki Airport’s position as the number one transfer airport for air traffic between Europe and Asia. The airport prepares to serve an annual number of 20 million travellers by 2020.

In addition to the investment programme, Helsinki Airport is undergoing an extensive service revamp closely connected to the Finavia investment programme and the “For smooth travelling” customer promise.

The renovation is mostly funded by Finavia’s international partners who will invest approximately EUR 35 million in the development of commercial operations at the airport. Finavia will invest an additional EUR 7 million.

The service overhaul will create approximately 200 new jobs with various airport service operators.

“The restaurant selection will gain new variety, and outlets of international top brands will open during the summer. We will create a world-class shopping environment at the airport, and collaborate with major international retail and restaurant operators, World Duty Free Group (WDFG) and HMSHost. Our aim is to respond to the wishes of an increasing, more international traveller base,” Gullstén says.

International operation director Pedro Castro from WDFG is very pleased with the new launch at Helsinki Airport. He finds Helsinki Airport an interesting location for two reasons.

“Firstly, Helsinki is a main transfer airport between Europe and Asia, and WDFG is particularly interested in these travellers. The unique geographical location of the airport makes it a major hub between Europe and Asia, with nearly two million Asian travellers passing through each year. Within the next 20 years, half of the global increase in air traffic volumes will be generated in Asia. The estimated passenger volume growth from 15 million to 20 million is also very attractive to us.”

To passengers, the change translates into a better, more comprehensive product range and world-class customer service. WDFG will introduce luxury brands in addition to the traditional cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and sweets.

Hugo Boss outlet opened in the end of June

International fashion will be provided by famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Burberry and Ralph Lauren. The Boss outlet was opened in June. The fashionably spacious and modern outlet will comprise 85 m2. The product range will include men’s clothing, Boss Green sportswear as well as shoes and accessories.

Other top brands with presence at the airport will include Porsche Design, Armani Jeans, Versace Collection, Bally, Loewe, Etro and Montblanc.

New diversity to the café and restaurant range

Finavia now has a multi-operator model instead of only one supplier in the café and restaurant business. HMSHost and SSP Finland are both globally leading restaurant service providers for travellers.

“We aim to establish restaurants and cafés focusing on both international and Finnish flavours at the airport. The restaurants operated by HMSHost will open during 2014–2016. At the same time the restaurants operated by SSP Finland will be redesigned,” Anne Gullstén says.

Like other operators, HMS Host is attracted by the transfer traffic at Helsinki Airport. The company estimates that Asia will become the number one tourism market in the next ten years. Traveller volumes at Asian airports are predicted to reach the level of three billion by 2020, providing ample potential for the food and drink businesses at airports.

– New names in the restaurant scene introduced by HMSHost include Grab and Fly, Urban Food Market, Freshly Made, Johan & Nyström and Two Tigers Sushi and Noodle, which focuses on fresh sushi and noodle dishes, reveals Michiel Reuvers, Sr. Director Business Development of HMSHost International.

Reuvers says that Johan & Nyström make the coffee with the slow roast method, roasting the coffee beans manually in small batches. Freshly Made offers a healthy breakfast menu, among other things. Urban Food Market provides a wide variety of quick snacks and take-away food.

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