Concessionaire Analyzer+ exhibiting at ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly in Seoul

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A sneak peek at what we’re exhibiting in Seoul on Booth # D3…


Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) is pleased to be exhibiting at the 2014 ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly. Visit booth # D3 or email [email protected] for an appointment, to learn how CA+ can help improve non-aviation revenues for airports.


The CA+ Solution

CA+ automates the collection of sales data from concessions, which is then used for revenue calculation and billing, and more importantly to better understand sales patterns and influence performance through a business intelligence platform.

CA+ encompasses the following:

New Sales Data Collection Methods

CA+ aims is to give airports the ability to deploy the solution without changing much in the way concessions operate today. A total of 6 data collection methods range from manual to fully automated allowing both concessions and airports to utilise the system that best works for them.

The recently launched CA+ Capture and CA+ Collect solutions provide even greater flexibility for both airports and concessions to gather sales data non-intrusively and without subjecting either concessionaire or airport to major changes in their operating systems. For more about our sales data collection methods visit

Improving Non-Aviation Revenues through Business Intelligence

By automating the process of gathering sales data from non-aeronautical concessions, airports can better control and audit sales, calculate revenues, undertake billing as well as enable the analysis of performance through the CA+ BI Platform. This enables airports to better understand and analyse concession sales patterns and assess the impact of operational and marketing tactics to improve the performance of these revenues.

About ACI Asia-Pacific Annual General Assembly

This event is one of the world’s largest industry meetings, with the rare combination of ACI World and ACI Asia-Pacific regional congresses. Bringing together over 600 delegates, attendees will have the opportunity to network with and hear from top airport leaders and experts, who will share their expertise and knowledge through dynamic presentations and interactive panel discussions.

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