NM Software Release 17.5 – further enhancing the operational performance of delivered services

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One month of screening of operational incidents which have gone smoothly…


The Network Manager successfully deployed software release 17.5 of its operational systems and services – formerly known as the “CFMU Release”. It was completed end October 2013 and followed by one month of screening of operational incidents which have gone smoothly.

The Network Manager software releases, implemented twice a year, include changes arising from user exchanges, research & development projects and supporting NM deployment programmes. In addition, with each NM release, all related release content is consequently audited against the applicable regulations.

The NM software releases make it possible to implement new functionalities to reflect the Network Manager’s vision and directorate business plans, in line with the SESAR objectives.

In parallel, various efforts have been made to better define and document the ops requirements related to the changes and to facilitate user access to the information, reflected inter alia in the release documentation.

The usual organisation of an OPT session with various users for relevant operational testing was performed satisfactorily.

The setting-up of an audio conference, focusing on operational impact and the new features of the 17.5 release, was also highly welcomed by the external participants (AOs, ANSPs, CFSPs, etc.) and considered appropriate and very useful.

Main focus of this new release:

The current release enhancements, through R&D validation and Ops deployments, focus on the further deployment of the following projects:

  • Cooperative Traffic Management
  • Free Route Airspace across the Network
  • Airspace Management and Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace
  • Pre-Departure Static and Dynamic Data
  • NOP Portal Evolution

The improvements are spread across a number of current ops activities including flight efficiency, Call Sign Similarity Tool, CCAMS, e-Restrictions, Dynamic ATFCM & Traffic Complexity as well as to our core technical systems and our Network Operations Portal technology.

Follow the recording and slides of the audio conference for more detailed information on the new features of NM Software Release 17.5.

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