Zurich Airport becomes Eurocontrol A-CDM airport

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Connection between NMOC and Zurich Airport in operation…

Since August 19th Zurich Airport is connected to NMOC (Network Management Operations Centre) of Eurocontrol and is exchanging DPI messages in daily operation. Now, after ten years of development and operational use of CDM processes at the airport, Zurich has become an A-CDM airport according to Eurocontrol definition.

An important component of the A-CDM solution at Zurich Airport is the departure management system darts of delair that generates an optimal departure sequence and thus TTOT, TSAT and now also DPI times. As part of the A-CDM activities darts was connected with NMOC so that messages are directly exchanged between these systems.

“With the start of operation of darts in 2003 we already established local CDM that coordinates and optimizes the relevant air traffic processes. Connecting NMOC and the local CDM now allows us to realize a comprehensive European A-CDM. We expect an improvement of local processes with this step but also improvements in the European airspace”, says Andreas Gammel, head procedures and systems flight operations.

Dietmar Dippe, managing director of delair, adds: “Since many years our CDM solutions are generating quantifiable benefits in air traffic operations but also in environmental protection. With the connection to NMOC it has now been demonstrated that the A-CDM requirements of Eurocontrol are also completely fulfilled. This is an important and consequent development also for us.”

delair is presenting darts in combination with the arosa de-icing planning as it is used in Zurich at the Inter Airport Europe (October 8th to 11th), stand 1434 in hall 5.

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