EUROCONTROL and FSF partner to reinforce safety

Posted: 24 September 2013 | Eurocontrol | No comments yet

Our partnership with EUROCONTROL has greatly benefited both organizations over the years…


EUROCONTROL and the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) have renewed their partnership to reinforce aviation safety in Europe and globally.

The partnership aims at strengthening cooperation between the two organisations in order to reduce aviation safety risk. Three key issues stand out in the joint work: looking for enhanced and cost efficient ways to promote aviation safety through joint safety events; the need to create a ‘Just Culture’ in aviation; and the support for SKYbrary, an online repository for aviation safety knowledge.

Frank Brenner, EUROCONTROL Director General said: “EUROCONTROL and the FSF have been working together for a number of years already. Keeping this fruitful relationship intact and even strengthened, combining our scarce resources, efforts and sharing best practices will contribute to saving many more lives in aviation.”

“Our partnership with EUROCONTROL has greatly benefited both organizations over the years and I’m very pleased that we are able to renew it,” said Kevin Hiatt, President and CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation. “Based on our past joint efforts, I’m excited for the possibilities that are available when our two organisations work together to advance safety.”

Under the terms of the agreement between the two organisations, the EUROCONTROL Agency will serve as Fellow for Aviation Safety in Europe, responsible for coordinating the promotion and implementation of the FSF safety initiatives and products on the continent. On its side, the FSF will promote EUROCONTROL safety initiatives and products globally. A particular emphasis will be given to supporting the development of a Just Culture and aviation safety knowledge management through SKYbrary and joint events.