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Announcing the launch of a consultation on a new version of air navigation guidance for the Civil Aviation Authority…

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Announcing the launch of a consultation on a new version of air navigation guidance for the Civil Aviation Authority.

When the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is exercising its air navigation functions it is required under the Transport Act 2000 to take account of environmental guidance given to it by the Secretary of State for Transport. The current guidance was issued in January 2002 by the then Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. Since its publication, there have been some significant developments such as the creation of both the future airspace strategy and single European sky and the aviation policy framework which need to be reflected in the guidance.

On 17 January 2012 it was announced therefore that there would be a consultation on a revised version of the air navigation guidance following the publication of the aviation policy framework. I am pleased to announce the launch today (25 June 2013) of this consultation on our proposed new version of the guidance which has been developed with the technical assistance of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The proposed new guidance has 2 key objectives. The first is to provide the Civil Aviation Authority with additional clarity on the government’s environmental objectives relating to air navigation in the UK, including the need to improve the efficiency of our UK airspace network. The second is a reaffirmation of the need to consult local communities near airports when airspace changes are being considered in the vicinity of these airports.

The consultation will run from Tuesday 25 June to Tuesday 17 September. Anyone with an interest is invited to take part, although the guidance is aimed at both the Civil Aviation Authority and those organisations likely to make airspace change proposals in the future.

A copy of the consultation document and instructions for responding can be found on my department’s website.

An electronic copy has been lodged with the library of the House.

The responses received to this consultation will be used to help refine the guidance which is expected to be presented to the Civil Aviation Authority by the end of this year.

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