Vilnius Airport’s apron and taxiway development continues

Infrastructure projects continue at Vilnius Airport, with apron and taxiway developments including renovation and construction.

Taxiway and apron development at Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport has announced the construction company Kauno tiltai as the winner of the public procurement bid launched by SE Lithuanian Airports. The contract includes the renovation of several taxiways and the reconstruction of the Northern Apron.

During the project, the pavement and engineering networks of the apron will be renewed; increasing the effectiveness of the infrastructure.

The reconstruction of the Northern Apron includes resurfacing, new parking markings, installing new and efficient lighting, guidance and surveillance systems and a more effective drainage system. The installation of modern underground ground power units (GPU) is also planned, which will enable more convenient aircraft handling.

Currently, Vilnius Airport has 56 aircraft parking stands, but the renovation process will create five new stands, suitable for larger aircraft. The taxiing distance will also be reduced; enabling noise pollution and CO2 emissions to be further lowered.

The renovation project will also renovate existing and build additional taxiways which are crucial elements of the airport. Taxiways B and F will be refreshed, repaved and expanded to accommodate larger aircraft. A new taxiway Z will be built that will connect the apron with the threshold of the runway. A more straightforward taxi towards the runway will be quicker and result in enhanced flight safety.

During the works, taxiway A will be demolished. It was decided taxiway A was no longer needed as the reconstruction works change the manoeuvring patterns on the apron.

All work is expected to be complete by the end of 2021; without interfering with the airport’s daily operations, including measures to reduce the environmental impact created by aircraft.

The total value of the project is €34 million with most of the projects listed in the infrastructure development plan funded by the European Union.

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