New laws introduced to prevent illegal use of unmanned aircraft in the UK

Posted: 24 October 2019 |

The government bill will work towards modernising the airspace and ensuring drone technology will not be used as a threat.

New laws introduced to prevent illegal use of drones

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has been given new capacity to ensure that airports can modernise their airspace and confront the challenges of new drone technology.

A new government bill, the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill, will help authorities tackle illegal uses of unmanned aircraft.

Shapps said: “Drones have a great potential to transform how we move people and goods, and could help save lives in search and rescue missions. This new bill will help us ensure that drone technology is used safely and responsibly.”

The ‘Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill’ will target illegal use of unmanned aircraft in order to limit the threats posed, whilst giving the Transport Secretary the ability to fine airports who do not implement the necessary changes quick enough.

The bill will also provide police intervention to tackle unlawful use of unmanned aircraft, including introducing new stop-and-search powers where certain offences have been committed. This includes giving police the ability to require a person to land an unmanned aircraft, and issue fixed penalty notices.

The legislation will ensure that individuals, businesses and emergency services can utilise the economic and social benefits of drones, and allow the Transport Secretary to boost aviation infrastructure.

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