International Airport Review Awards 2017 - Winners Announced

We’ve announced our winners!

In August 2017, voting closed on the inaugural International Airport Review Awards.

Launched as a celebration of International Airport Review’s 20th anniversary year, the Awards are designed to showcase the wealth of excellence, innovation and responsible development in today’s airport industry.

It is with great pride that we announce the results. Please click on the categories below to find out more about our winners, or read the full in-depth review in our anniversary supplement.

Want to participate in our 2018 Awards? Visit our 2018 Awards page.

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Airport Airside Operations Award winnersEverything that happens once you’ve passed through security, an airport’s airside (although not the most visible sector to the passenger) is crucial and often fraught with challenges.

And the winner is… Hong Kong International Airport

The time it takes to inspect airfield lights at Hong Kong International is down by 87 per cent due to a newly-developed automated machine. This commitment to using technology to streamline operations is exactly what International Airport Review was looking for in our Airside Operations winner.

Runners up:

  • BBHS
  • Leidos


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Air Traffic Control Award winnerThe ATC industry is about directing aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace and providing advisory services to aircraft in non-controlled airspace. To keep our industry safe and operational, ATM should not be underestimated.

And the winner is… NATS

NATS set about solving one of the biggest challenges to ATC – the effect of wind on landing rate. Their five-year research project and time-based separation (TBS) system meant 62 per cent fewer headwind-related delays at Heathrow.

Runners up:

  • PT Angkasa Pura II
  • Swiss International Airlines


[zl_tabs_cell title=”Construction and Design – Brisbane Airport” right_icon=”fa-angle-down” id=”construction”]

Construction and Design Award winnerFrom designing to developing, and building to becoming operational, creating our world’s airports and ensuring they are equipped with the technology necessary to operate is a gargantuan task.

And the winner is… Brisbane Airport

To resurface one of the world’s busiest runways without causing any operational is no mean feat. Brisbane Airport managed to achieve this within six months through intense planning and organisational adeptness.

Runners up:

  • Chicago Rockford International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

[zl_tabs_cell title=”Environmental Awareness – Gatwick Airport” right_icon=”fa-angle-down”]

Airport Environmental Awareness Award WinnerOur physical environment is fragile and indispensable – demonstrating environmental awareness is about starting to fix the problems threatening our surroundings and showcasing best practice.

And the winner is… Gatwick Airport

Gatwick’s list of achievements in this field is impressive to say the least. As such, there was no one thing that won it, but a combination including cutting water consumption, increasing recycling and bringing in charges for noisy aircraft.

Runners up:

  • Hamad International Airport
  • Minneapolis – St Paul International

[zl_tabs_cell title=”Security – Heathrow Airport” right_icon=”fa-angle-down”]

Airport Security Award winnerFrom guarding the perimeters, to tracing and tracking passengers, to screening travellers, staff , equipment and baggage, to protecting cyber assets; the security sector in the airport world is never-ending and always imperative.

And the winner is… Heathrow Airport 

In a competitive field, Heathrow impressed us by bringing in a mixture of technological and systematic solutions to their security challenges. They cut the need for manual handling by officers by 70 per cent, increased Terminal 5 South’s capacity by 12 per cent and improved flow rates from 144 passengers/lane/hr to 165.

Runners up:

  • Budapest Airport
  • Synectics


[zl_tabs_cell title=”Technological Solutions – IATA” right_icon=”fa-angle-down”]

Airport Technological Solutions Award winnerA technological fix, technical fix, technological shortcut or solutionism is about using engineering or technology to solve a problem – a necessity in today’s airport environment.

And the winner is… IATA

IATA put forward a solution to the challenges of airside operations training using virtual reality (VR). This solution addresses challenges of space and availability whilst giving trainees an opportunity to experience situations they may not get a chance to in traditional tutoring.

Runners up:

  • Avtura
  • ICM Airport Technics


[zl_tabs_cell title=”Terminal Operations – NIIT Technologies” right_icon=”fa-angle-down”]

Airport Terminal Operations Award winnerThe reception, processing, and movement of passengers is all encompassed under the ‘terminal operations’ umbrella. Processes in this category are vital to the efficiency of an airport.

And the winner is… NIIT Technologies

Ten major Indian airports have benefitted from a collaboration between NIIT Technologies and SITA. NIIT Technologies optimised operations in a range of ways including boosting on-time performance by 19 per cent at Chennai Airport and paving the way for airport collaborative decision making.

Runners up:

  • Amorph Systems
  • Gatwick Airport


[zl_tabs_cell title=”Revenue Generation – Concessionaire Analyzer +” right_icon=”fa-angle-down”]

Airport Revenue Generation Award winnerFrom airport charges to non-aeronautical revenue streams, generating the income to sustain our modern-day airports is challenging. This category is about thinking outside the box.

And the winner is… Concessionaire Analyzer +

Concessionaire Analyzer + developed a platform through which airports can analyse all their non-aeronautical assets from one point. It cuts the man hours required to invoice concessions and allows operators to manage their assets in real time.

Runners up:

  • BLIP Systems
  • Brisbane Airport

[zl_tabs_cell title=”Passenger Experience – Perth Airport” right_icon=”fa-angle-down”]

Airport Passenger Experience Award winnerPassenger experience is about utilising available services and processes to provide the customer with an easy, enjoyable and functional journey through the airport.

And the winner is… Perth Airport

Perth’s AU$1 billion redevelopment has seen it climb right to the top of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s rankings last year. It has revolutionised its image and facilities to become worthy of the title Gateway to Western Australia.

Runners up:

  • Las Vegas McCarran Airport
  • PT Angkasa Pura II

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