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Frankfurt’s Route Advantages for Airlines

28 September 2007 | By

The international aviation industry continues to develop robustly despite the negative effects and cost pressures of kerosene supply, security controls and other factors. Airports have responded by adapting capacity to the changing market conditions and growth. New international gateways have been emerging, as have new markets. In this ever changing…

Omega: Opportunities for meeting the environmental challenge of growth in aviation

28 September 2007 | By Roger Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, OMEGA

The challenge of sustainable growth in aviation has brought significant benefits to world trade and development. This success, however, is not without environmental impacts on climate change, local air quality and noise. With global air transport predicted to more than double in the next 30 years, technologists, policymakers and regulators…

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport responds to the demand for gateway traffic

31 July 2007 | By Mr. Reijo Tasanen Director of Finavia’s Airports Department [email protected]

Finavia started to build an extension to the international terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa in 2006. The investment also includes the baggage handling systems for the entire terminal. This investment of roughly EUR 140 million, the largest in Finavia’s history, illustrates our strong commitment to a future built on Asian gateway traffic.…

Reducing runway incursions

31 July 2007 | By Richard Taylor, Head of Air Traffic Standards, CAA

Those entrusted with the safety of our aviation industry, frequently draw up lists of the most likely causes of a major incident. Over the past few years, runway incursions have moved closer to the top of these lists. Regrettably, this is not a new issue – the world’s worst aviation…

Dubai, the world’s aviation hub in the making

31 July 2007 | By His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Dubai is undergoing dynamic growth in all areas of its economy, which has long diversified away from the oil sector. Today, the contribution of the oil sector to Dubai’s GDP is under five per cent, while the services sector, with an average annual growth rate of 21 per cent since…

Firmly on Course

31 July 2007 | By Khalifa Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Chairman and Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)

Redevelopment work at Abu Dhabi International Airport is progressing according to plan. A number of facilities are scheduled to go operational in the first half of 2008. These include a third passenger terminal, a second runway, a new state of the art air traffic control complex and the first phase…

Doha International Airport

31 July 2007 | By Akbar Al Baker, CEO Doha International Airport

Doha International Airport has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few years – particularly since 2005, with huge expansion to cope with the sharp rise in demand for air travel to, from and beyond Qatar.

Bahrain International Airport: Then and now

31 July 2007 | By Capt. Abdulrahman Al Gaoud, Undersecretary for Civil Aviation Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain

For centuries the Kingdom of Bahrain was the centre of pearling in the Arabian Gulf. For just as long it has been the focus of the ancient trade routes interfacing Europe and the Middle East with Persia, the sub continent, Africa and beyond.

Bird strike prevention – SMS challenge and a green signal

31 July 2007 | By Luit Buurma, Honorary Chairman International Bird Strike Committee

Bird strike prevention is a splendid subject for the appreciation of an airport’s Safety Management System and even indicative for the maturity of its business plan. Airports are open systems by nature and by culture. Birds are free to migrate around the globe but are constrained in their possibilities to…

Ground Handling: A global perspective

31 July 2007 | By

In this Q & A session we brought together three heads of ground handling from three very different regions, to see how their outlooks varied.

Passenger movements at Schiphol

31 July 2007 | By Joep Lievers, Director of Infrastructure, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Richard Piper spoke to Joep Lievers, Director of Infrastructure, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, regarding the flow of passengers through the terminal building.

Denver International Airport: The December blizzard of ’06, a catalyst for change

31 July 2007 | By Turner W. West Co-Manager, Denver International Airport

On December 20, 2006, Denver International Airport faced a snowstorm that challenged every single aspect of the operation. The storm, now commonly referred to as the December Blizzard of ‘06, brought over 20 inches of snow, with wind gusts above 40 mph and white-out conditions to the Denver area.

Aviation Fuels – Looking to the future

31 July 2007 | By Jeff Poole, Director Industry Charges, Fuel and Taxation, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Jeff Poole, Director Industry Charges, Fuel and Taxation, answers our questions on the future of aviation fuels from an IATA perspective.

ePassports: Examining the benefits

31 July 2007 | By Mr. Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, Specifications and Guidance Material / Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

The issuance of ICAO-standard ePassports by some 45 member states of the organisation by year end 2007 and the inherent benefits included in this travel document, should drive the adoption of this latest-generation Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) by an increasing number of governments in the next few years.