ADP Ingénierie outlines a model approach to partnering with the aviation industry

ADP Ingénierie, CEO, Gratien Maire offers an insight into an enhanced partnership approach with airport operations from an engineer’s perspective.


The future airport Chengdu (China) designed by ADP Ingénierie with local partner CSWADI.

To develop an efficient relationship with an airport and effectively offer innovative and finely tuned solutions implies a strong knowledge of all which characterises the client in question. It also assumes a coverage of the full spectrum of airport engineering and consultancy services for any type of airport facilities of any size.

A partnership approach

A strong, competitive and efficient relationship between an engineering company and all parties requires a partnership approach.  

It relies first on a detailed knowledge of the airport’s environment, market, constraints and a clear understanding of its issues and trends. The customers are more and more demanding and the challenges more and more numerous: regulation, sustainable development, lack of land to expand… the list goes on.

Secondly, the partnership approach requires a proximity with clients. Engineering companies need to act as real partners throughout the project’s development and the maintenance of relationships with all members of the decision-maker’s environment.

In this environment, beside the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), Ministries of Transport and others, the airlines play a significant role in many countries, especially the national carrier. Regardless of the growing trend of airport cities, the geographical cities in which the main airports are located play an increasingly important role. As the recent report of the French CSAC (Civil Aviation Superior Council) on the French airport network underlined:

“Airports are assets for economic development and the attractiveness of the territories. They have become economic actors, operating in a (…) highly competitive global environment. “The attractiveness of airports, and therefore their costs, is one of the elements of their competitiveness and those of the territories.”  

Airports are assets for economic development and the attractiveness of the territories.

Thirdly, the partnership approach relies on the capacity of the airport engineering company to take into account all specific aspects of a project such as environment, history, architecture, culture, and to address all functional aspects and integrate all technical requirements (architecture, design, special airport systems, airside infrastructures…).

Many completed projects by the ADP Ingénierie attest to this capacity: Projects undertaken in the Middle-East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Muscat…) as well as in Asia (Beijing, Chengdu, Kathmandu, Taipei…) are just a few examples.

Lastly, the partnership approach needs to provide the client with a precise view of its project at the earliest stage of the expression of its expectations. To do so, a perfect control over the simulation (including a 3D simulation) represents a strong asset.

In this respect, ADP Ingénierie is able to assist clients in defining projects and programs at the very early stage, and remain present at the client’s side during operations or modernisation phases.

The airports and airlines therefore remain focused on their top goal: enhancing passenger experience and satisfaction, while controlling costs (operation, maintenance…) and maximising revenues. As a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest airport operators, ADP Ingénierie always keeps this objective in mind.

Providing 360° expertise to all parties

The ambition described above implies a capacity to provide a global view of the airport, its assets, its weaknesses and its potential.

The competitiveness and efficiency of an engineering company rely on a variety of skills. Either collectively on a comprehensive project or individually in the framework of technical assistance or consulting missions, dedicated technical assistance must be provided, either to elaborate a strategic plan, traffic studies, a business plan or to select a new airport location, to solve a technical issue relating to airport infrastructures, BHS, air navigation systems, safety, IT, or to improve operations and their efficiency.

Clients request that their airport engineering expert carries out on-the-spot or periodic audits and diagnosis on airports, whatever the size of the airport. Especially if the party in question does not have the experience, resources, technical capacities and means to carry out reliable diagnosis of their assets, to anticipate the requirements (short-term and long-term) and identify opportunities for improvements. As a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest airport operators, ADP Ingénierie understands the expectations of operators. The operator wants to be assisted in correcting non-compliances in the airport, seizing opportunities for improvements and planning future investments in a progressive and optimised manner. Besides these missions, as a partner to its clients, ADP Ingénierie also acts as the maintenance arm of an operator, improving operations and efficiency, reduce OPEX, and optimising investments on a day-to-day basis.

Efficient solutions to optimise airports implies continuous innovation. t is through innovation that we, as an industry, can make collective progress and move towards a brighter future. 

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