Securing your aircraft hangar

How do we ensure the security and safety of our aircraft hangars? Simon Parker of Minerva Security investigates further…


I suppose, there’s nothing in this world that isn’t possible nowadays. If you thought break-ins and thefts are only common in homes and offices, you thought wrong. Be it the Medivac Hangar in Oxford House, or the Tomahawk Airport Hangar Break-Ins in 2012 with an estimated $1500 worth of fuel and tools stolen, records of aircraft thefts from hangars might not be extremely frequent, but aren’t rare as well.

How do you ensure the safety of your aircraft hangar?

If you own an aircraft, you will know the importance of having to keep it protected at all times. You not only have to protect your Aircraft, but your tools and fuel as well which could majorly attract thieves. Unfortunately, securing your aircraft isn’t the easiest of tasks and does require you to obtain practical security measures in order to prevent any such act from occurring.

You need some tight security measures to keep your aircraft hangar safe and secure. This will ensure that your aircraft stays the way you want it to, and even more so you wouldn’t have to worry about compromising on your safety any more. Here are four key measures that can work most effectively for your purpose.

Security Measures to keep an eye on your aircraft hangar

  • Access Control To Your Aircraft

In this era of technology, you need to learn to make the most of the available technologies. One of the best means you can use for securing your aircraft hangar is installing an access control system in the hangar itself.

With a suitable access control system implemented in the hangar, it can enable you to have a complete control on who accesses entry into the hangar. With these systems, the authorisation to the area can be controlled. In other words, it allows a complete control over the physical access to the hangar, and hence prevents unauthorised people from entering the place.

Locked gates with well programmed locks and entry mechanisms can do wonders for this purpose as well.

  • CCTV Surveillance For Your Aircraft

CCTV systems are a great way to keep thieves and unwanted people away from your aircraft hangar. Once it is known that a hangar has cameras fitted across to record each and every activity taking place in there, who would dare to steal an aircraft from the hangar?

The detection of the activities inside the hangar are better monitored when recorded with the CCTVs. Hence, if you also find a lack of security in the place, based on such recordings, you can take immediate measures.

The best part is that with the cameras fitted in the hangar, the monitoring systems can be remotely used. Hence you can have a constant check on the activities in there, from any place of your convenience.

  • On-site Security Company

On-site security companies can be of great help, particularly if you do a little research to choose the ones that are best in the locality.

If highly professional security guards are placed for a constant security provision to the hangar, the thieves would certainly be at bay. The presence of security officers also promote a high level of alertness in the area concerned.

Such security measures allow a more personal security experience for your hangar.

  • Alarm Systems

You cannot have security personnel checking on your hangar all through the day and night. Instead, you need a better security system that can check your hangar even during night when nobody is there. And you need a good alarm security system.

A simple concept drives the alarm systems. The systems are always on and if any unauthorised access occurs to the hangar, the alarms would turn on. Alarms being put on means you know something’s wrong happening at the place. It is quite a preventive and actionable way of securing your hangar.

As well as this, you can use sensors on doors and other entrances/exits, an alarm of high decibel, motion sensors, and more for the purpose.

Such systems are controlled through computer systems and control panel, and hence the control measures are highly effective.

When at a guest parking in airport

When your aircraft isn’t in the hangar, there is more of a risk of any theft or vandalism occurring. However, you can still protect your aircraft if you make use of the alarm system, or access control systems on the aircraft itself. If there is any unauthorised access to the aircraft, these systems will rightly notify you, and you can take the right steps on time. If you are lucky enough, you might actually get hold of them too.

So, be it inside or outside a hangar, you need to ensure the security of your aircraft by implementing one or more of the available security measures and systems.

These security measures will help you live at ease.

Simon Parker has over 70 years of shared experience with Minerva Security, dealing with commercial business security and fire alarm systems.

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    It was really a nice blog. I was searching for hangar designers last year and now when I constructed it with the help of hangar-steel team which is one of the best in Florida. I have never thought about the security of it. It was an informative blog.

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