Fraport holds first Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge

Posted: 9 June 2016 | Lilly-Sophie Gerlach, HYVE Innovation Community GmbH and Richa Bhasin, Fraport AG | No comments yet

The Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge has launched to bring in ideas for new innovations at Frankfurt Airport – submission deadline is June 28, 2016…

Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge

Airport operator Fraport has launched the first “Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge” – an idea competition with the motto “Make It Your Favourite Destination” that all interested members of the public may enter. Fraport is looking for creative ideas for making the passenger experience at Germany’s global gateway even more unique. The contest is based on the “Open Innovation” principle. In other words, Fraport is intentionally opening up its innovation processes to generate external ideas for innovations in a modified crowdsourcing approach. Participants from around the globe may submit their ideas (in German or English) until June 28 at

“We want to give passengers and visitors in particular the opportunity to actively co-create their airport as a place full of positive experiences”

The markets and technologies of the aviation industry are changing rapidly. This requires companies operating in the industry to be flexible and develop and enhance their products and processes. “Innovation is key for our competitiveness and therefore anchored in Fraport’s corporate principles. In keeping with our new slogan, ‘Gute Reise! We make it happen’, we are now actively looking for fresh ideas for Frankfurt Airport. We want to give passengers and visitors in particular the opportunity to actively co-create their airport as a place full of positive experiences,” explains Claudia Uhe, head of Fraport’s Corporate Development, Environment and Sustainability unit. Uhe will also chair the jury which will pick the winners of the Innovation Challenge.


In order for Fraport to deliver the best possible services and products to their customers, they have launched this challenge to listen to the voice of their customers. It is important to Fraport to not only be competitive in their market but also and more importantly to satisfy their customers’ needs.

There are no limits on the creativity that participants can apply while helping to shape the airport of the future. Their ideas can address either specific aspects of the airport experience – such as “arrival”, “departure”, “transfers”, or “visits” – or the travel process as a whole. For instance, participants can take a closer look at airport waiting times. Many passengers find waiting times at the airport annoying. Some may pass their time duty free shopping, while others grab a quick bite at a restaurant or use their mobile devices to keep the boredom subdued. Among other things, Fraport wants to use the Innovation Challenge to gather ideas for new services or entertainment opportunities, or even ideas for a new product that will allow passengers to spend their waiting time more pleasantly.

“Suggestions for strengthening Frankfurt Airport’s image as the world’s gateway to Germany are especially welcome”

In addition to services and entertainment, environmental and sustainability issues can also play a role. Suggestions for strengthening Frankfurt Airport’s image as the world’s gateway to Germany are especially welcome.

Fraport is looking for anyone from innovators, frequent flyers, airport-fans to aviation-enthusiasts to participate in the competition. Anybody can create and submit innovative and “out-of-the-box” ideas. Individuals as well as teams are allowed to submit ideas. The only restriction that is valid for all participants is the required minimum age of 18 years. Besides this anyone is welcome to join the community.

Not only can participants submit ideas, they are also invited to evaluate and comment on ideas sent in by others. The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Creativity: How unusual and inventive is the idea?
  • Originality: How innovative and fresh is the idea? Have similar ideas already been implemented at other airports? Is the suggestion really unique?
  • Market attractiveness: How attractive would the idea be to potential customers? Might there also be a market for it at other airports or even in other sectors of the economy?
  • Usability: Who would benefit from the idea (e.g. visitors, passengers in general, or a certain group of passengers such as transfer passengers) and how?

After the submission phase, all ideas will be presented to a group of experts from Fraport AG. These experts will pick the top 25 ideas from all those sent in. After the expert group has decided on the top 25, the six best ideas will be determined by a five-member jury comprising industry and innovation experts. The winners of the competition will receive prizes totalling 7,000 euros. In addition to these prizes, the jury may award attractive special prizes to anyone in the community, e. g. especially active members of the community.

More information on the Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge is available at

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