Aerotropolis 7: The Way Forward

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With the rapid increase in the pace of globalisation and urban development, there is bound to be a greater need for creation of new and modernised transport infrastructure to propel economic growth in the international business arena.

Modernised aerotropolises, coupled with growth of smart cities, eco-towns and eco-villages are the envisioned shape of things to come. The Internet of Things – also widely known as Electronic Bricks (E-Bricks) – can connect the aerotropolis with international smart cities, ports and international business hubs with integrated and expanded network, logistics and supply chain systems to accelerate the pace of businesses in the modern era.  

Eco-Industrial Clusters, peripheral to aerotropolises will be the new growth centres for sustainable economic growth; also widely known to be the ‘green economy’.

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About the author

After obtaining his Master in Science from the Madras University, and Doctorate Degree in Geochemistry and Earth Sciences from the University of Wales, Dr. A N Sarkar worked for more than four decades in the Petrochemicals-related fields, R& D, Environment, Central Ministries, External Donor Agencies, and Academics. He served as a Chair Professor-National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development (NABARD); Professor, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

More recently, Dr. Sarkar has worked as a Senior Professor (International Business) and Dean (Research) in the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. He has also served as convener and member secretaries in various Inter-Ministerial Committees on ‘Natural Resources Management’, ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Renewable Energy’. Dr. Sarkar has so far authored 22 Books and more than 100 research papers, published in reputed national and international journals.

His books include: Energy Security, Global Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Development, Emission Trading & Carbon Management and Petro-Economics (Pentagon Press, New Delhi); Global Climate Economics (LAP, Publishing Corporation, Germany); CSR in Mining Industry (LAP, Publishing Corporation, Germany), Green Banking, Microfinance, Eco-Industrial Clusters (Atlantic Publishing House), Environmental Economics, Energy, Environment and Global Climate Economics (Discovery Publishing).

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