SESAR deployment is a daily reality in Europe

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Key facts & figures on SESAR deployment…

SESAR deployment is a daily reality in Europe

Massimo Garbini, Managing Director SESAR Deployment Manager:

“After 3 days of World ATM Congress and sharing thoughts with our stakeholders, we can conclude that we are perceived very positive by all stake- and shareholders. Now we have to make sure we are able to keep on delivering. Therefore the consultation of the Deployment Programme 2016 has already started. This time we are able to plan more in time. Today we are also talking something that is tangible, with 84 implementation projects running and even 6 projects already successfully completed. The return on investment is there and Deployment is a daily reality.” 

On the first day of the World ATM Congress, SESAR Deployment Manager kicked off with some key figures on deployment happening today. The Deployment Programme progress, which refers to the Implementation projects of the CEF Transport Call 2014 is on track. The activities performed by the Implementing Partners, within the respective projects, led to the achievement of actual results which are expected to bring tangible benefits to the aviation sector and, in general, to the community.

There are 84 implementation projects (of which 10 multi stakeholder) by 45 partners already running in 23 EU Members States and also 2 neighboring States. The 45 Implementing partners consist of 26 Air Navigation Service Providers, 13 Airport Operators, 5 Airspace Users and 1 MET Service Provider. All this is the true demonstration of Europe’s ATM industry willingness to invest in modernization and meet Single European Sky challenges. What is being implemented through SESAR Deployment Manager today, is the result of already more than 8 years of intense R&D work performed by SESAR Joint Undertaking.

If we take a closer look at the projects per ATM Functionality, we have:

  • 12 Implementing Projects for AF 1 (Extended AMAN and PBN in high density TMA)
  • 38 Implementing Projects for AF 2 (Airport integration and Throughput)
  • 13 Implementing Projects for AF 3 (Flexible ASM and Free Route)
  • 5 Implementing Projects for AF4 (Network Collaborative management)
  • 16 Implementing Projects for AF 5 (Initial SWIM)

The following projects have been already successfully completed:

  • #120AF1: London Airspace Management Programme (LAMP), deployed by NATS and British Airways. The Phase 1a of the project, aimed at implementing the RNAV arrival routes for London City Airport and RNP departure routes from London Gatwick, is almost complete;
  • #008AF2: External Gateway System (EGS) implementation, deployed by Austro Control. The EGS (External Gateway System) connects the Tower and Approach ATS Units’ subsystems to the ATM Data Processing System, and represents an enabler for future Electronic Flight Strip, DMAN, A-CDM and A-SMGCS enhancements;
  • #024AF2: SAIGA, deployed by Aéroports De Paris. The implemented tool extends the capabilities of the airport resources management system to: consolidate the Airport Operational Plan, consolidate the Pre-departure sequencing and DMAN capability, optimize and increase the efficiency and performance of operations;
  • #115AF2: A-SMGCS Renewal of the Surface Movement Radar (BORA), deployed by Munich Airport. The A-SMGCS provides optimized taxi-time and improves predictability of take-off times by the monitoring of real surface traffic and by considering updated taxi times in departure management regardless of meteorological or other impacting conditions;
  • #006AF5: ATM Data Quality (ADQ), deployed by Austro Control. The project aims at migrating Austro Control’s aeronautical database to support AIXM 5.1, ensuring the data quality to be high enough to be compatible with SWIM;
  • #127AF5: National WAN Infrastructure – CANDI-IP preparation project, deployed by Naviair. The project provides the requirements for an adequate WAN infrastructure supporting information exchange (SWIM) according to new European standards on information exchange and services via PENS and NewPENS.

CEF Transport Call 2015

For the CEF Transport Call 2015 SESAR Deployment Manager submitted a total of 223 implementation projects. 83 partners are representing the whole ATM community: Air Navigation Service Providers, Airlines, Airports Operators, Meteorological Service Providers, the Network Manager, Eurocontrol, the Military and the European Manufacturing Industry. The Call covers 31 States, including 27 EU Members States  and 4 Neighbouring States. This means a total potential investment of €2.4 billion. It is foreseen that the European Commission will take a decision on the awarding of these projects by the beginning of July 2016.

About SESAR Deployment Manager

The SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) is the industrial partnership that synchronises and coordinates the modernisation of Europe’s air traffic management system under the political oversight of the European Commission. The main task of the SESAR Deployment Manager is to develop, submit to the European Commission for its approval and execute the Deployment Programme, a project view strictly drawn from the Pilot Common Project (PCP) set by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 716/2014, as well as any subsequent Common Projects in future regulations. Through the Deployment Programme, the SESAR Deployment Manager will ensure efficient synchronization and coordination of implementation projects required to implement the PCP, as well as the related investments. The tasks of the Deployment Manager are described in Article 9 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 409/2013.

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