iGA Academy: Bridging the gap between theory and practice

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The pandemic and its rapid recovery have highlighted the importance of skilled human resources in the aviation industry. As the aviation sector continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for competent and reliable professionals to manage airports and airlines. iGA Academy, an aviation academy, can address this need by training and preparing the next generation of aviation professionals. Through fostering innovation, developing skills, and nurturing industry knowledge, the academy plays a crucial role in enhancing the long-term success of airports.


Anticipating these emerging demands, iGA Academy, founded by Istanbul Airport in 2021, has garnered significant attention and has positioned itself as a prominent hub within the international training sector.

iGA Academy received ACI and IATA training accreditations in 2022 and ICAO Trainair Plus in 2023. This recognition will further solidify iGA Academy’s position as a leading institution in the aviation training sector, opening up new opportunities for both the academy and its trainees.

iGA Academy offers diverse aviation training programmes, encompassing aviation safety, airside operations, airport planning, commercial management, customer service, and airport standards.

Istanbul Airport stands out for its renowned Turkish Hospitality concept, which has received global recognition. They offer this concept as Hospitality training to the entire aviation industry. The academy recognises the significance of personal interests and offers tailored training programmes, enabling trainees to pursue their individual passions.

The distinctive aspect of İGA’s training programme lies in its ability to bridge the divide between theory and practice, offering a truly exceptional experience. This is what sets İGA apart from others.

İGA stands out in their approach with unique methodologies. They have their own advanced LMS system, recognised with prestigious awards, enabling trainings in 11 languages. Immersive virtual reality (VR) support enhances the interactive and engaging learning experience. Inclusivity is ensured with sign language support. İGA’s advanced features distinguish them from others in the sector.

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