International Airport Review Advisory Board meeting report 2023

At the end of 2022, we met with International Airport Review’s Advisory Board to discuss the state of the aviation industry. The result is this detailed report which is free for subscribers to download.

IAR Advisory Board Report 2023It was fantastic to meet with the senior airport thought leaders that make up International Airport Review’s Advisory Board and see what their focus areas are at this time when the world has learned to live with the pandemic and people are travelling again.

Airports are still seeing volatility with their passenger numbers, meaning some are still grounded in the short-term view. Focus areas continue to be around revenue diversification, specifically around cargo; promoting innovation and leveraging technology to automate labour intensive tasks and attract the next generation of airport workers.

Airports are dealing with a new type of passenger now and it is good to see that they are noticing and are able to adapt. Airports are looking to bring back the quality level in operational services and take time to rethink the passenger journey, reintroduce the human touch and really delve into passenger personas to create a more personalised experience. It is fantastic to hear that accessibility is high on the agenda and that the ultimate goal is a barrier-free and inclusive experience for all.

It was fascinating to hear the Board Members’ thought leadership around sustainability and the challenges coming our way, but also how we will see this entwined through future business practices, and long-term airport development planning.

The challenges airports will face will continue to be around the recruitment and retainment of an engaged, happy and diverse workforce and the rise of cyber-attacks in this increasingly digitised industry.

Overall, I hope you enjoy this report which can be used as a reference tool. Thank you to our Advisory Board Members for their insight and continued support of the International Airport Review brand and we look forward to working with you this year.

Holly Miles Editor of International Airport Review

Holly Miles


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