Next-generation airport management

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Airport industry needs integral systems like TAV Technologies’ Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS) that enable airport managers to make the best use of their resources, as well as the abilities gained through digitalization.

Airport operation is a sophisticated and costly business for all stakeholders. Modern airports have become complex environments for passengers and operation staff, which has made operational efficiency and flawless passenger experience crucial in the last decade.

Holistic Perspective at The Airports for Flawless Operations

The industry responded to the demand for higher efficiency and seamless passenger experience with smart solutions and innovative approaches such as collaborative decision-making, resource optimization, self-service systems, and mobile platforms. Running several airport solutions simultaneously aroused the integration problem, which necessitated airport managers to adopt a holistic perspective.

Today, the industry needs integral systems like TAV Technologies’ Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS) that enable airport managers to make the best use of their resources, as well as the abilities gained through digitalization. Moreover, the need for new standards that require automation and digitalization in airports has become even more obvious during the post-pandemic environment.

TAMS is an integrated system that provides all the necessary solutions for airport operations; such as flight management, resource allocations, capacity planning, commercial management, and collaborative decision-making in a modular structure. It is a multi-airport system; the Suite can serve several airports with a single implementation, and airports linked through TAMS can share and process data collaboratively.

Innovative Solutions for Optimized Resource Planning and User Experience

The Suite uses modern digital technologies like flight delay predictions for resource allocations. These benefits can quickly provide robust resource planning, which is needed for reactive last-minute actions in operations.

TAMS Automation features can handle all operational tasks with a particular algorithm and a rule set, minimizing the human error and task load of the operators. The system enables the users to intervene only in situations where judgment is necessary.

User Experience (UX) has become the core competency factor in end-user performance. TAMS has been designed to offer the best UX possible to the operators; they can carry out all the tasks and monitor operational KPIs with user-friendly dashboards.

Advanced technologies will be even more essential to avoid crowds in airports. TAMS can help to distribute the passenger load evenly in the airport, support the airport operations to meet new KPIs, and handle possible health risks occurred in the crowds.

Collaborative decision-making is another point that is essential for the efficiency of airport operations. Information sharing and transparency are fundamental factors in collaborative decision-making if the confidentiality of sensitive data is maintained. TAMS provides extensive monitoring capabilities for CDM milestones and ensures collaboration and consistency in every step of the operation as a central solution for all airport operation stakeholders.

Smart Data Processing at the Airports

TAMS is the centre of airport operations, and it collects all the information flowing across the airport systems and shows the users the most reliable data. The system can process data from any resource and display it from the most reliable source for each attribute using prioritization techniques embedded in the system.

Staff rostering and passenger flow system capabilities have recently been added to TAMS. The staff rostering module offers all the features that airport companies need to plan their shifts and determine the required skill set of their employees for the future.

The passenger flow management module of the Suite uses historical and live data coming from sources such as heat maps and flight data updates and simulates the passenger flow at the airport. This system can help airports plan their resources to avoid congestion and recommend the number of resources that should be open to keep the waiting time or queue length below the required thresholds.

TAMS is the product of the future of airport operations. The technology of the system is easy to keep TAMS up-to-date and implement new features to cater to the needs of the airports.

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