Leonardo confirms its status as a main player in European BHS

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The recent successes are confirming Leonardo as one of the main players in the BHS sector in Europe. The high availability and reliability of its sorter based on cross belt technology, the Multi-sort Baggage Handling System (MBHS), that is one of the most advanced, high-performance baggage handling systems on the market, is one of Leonardo’s success key in BHS market.

This year Leonardo is continuing to invest in the innovation sector to deliver increasingly innovative technological solutions and offer the best solutions to customers.

One of the most tangible successes is the recent technological evolution of the MBHS: the MBHS-HD (Heavy Duty). Thanks to the recent technological evolutions the MBHS is now able to overcome gradients of up to 15° and a vertical difference of over eight meters. These mean that it can now be installed in airport buildings where the security and sorting processes take place on different floors. This advantage is significant because it enables one single machine to manage both processes and to transport baggage between the different areas, without the need to use elevators.

The MBHS-HD version also introduces other technological innovations: a new control electronics that represent a real generational step change compared to the previous version, the use of extremely durable materials for certain critical components, thus extending the longevity of the system and a new set of curves with differently sized radii to give the product a higher configurability and adaptability to any layout and satisfy every customer’s requirement.

As all the MBHS-HD sorters, it also offers the possibility of reducing the speed of the sorter according to the required throughput and the minimal points of friction in all the components allow significant O&M cost savings.

In addition to this kind of technological evolutions, Leonardo Automation is continuing to employ resources to improve its service solutions portfolio, studying new technological innovation to make its machines smarter, equipped with improved diagnostic and able to do predictive analysis on the entire plant, to be able to understand and respond faster than possible to the eventual changes and to adapt the system to customer needs and expectations.

The use of smart glasses to improve the remote assistance represent an example of these innovations, introducing a totally new way for remote assistance, enabling the possibility to consult and receive feedback and information from a distant expert in real-time.

Another illustration is the sorter track inspection function. A camera installed on the sorter and an advanced video stream analysis software allows it to automatically detect every anomaly that are classified by severity, enabling to take prompt action depending on the situation.

These numerous innovations represent just a small aspect of the attention to detail Leonardo provides.

Leonardo is a leader in the international baggage handling market and has present in European airports including Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa and Bergamo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris Orly, as well as airports in the Middle East and Asia Pacific including Kuwait International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.

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