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Richard Deakin - Articles and news items

Major programme to deliver free route airspace across Northern Europe launched

Airport news  •  12 February 2015  •  NATS

The Borealis Alliance of nine European Air Navigation Service Providers has announced the launch of a programme to deliver seamless and integrated free route airspace across the whole of Northern Europe by 2020...

NATS CEO urges new approach on Europe

Airport news  •  13 November 2014  •  NATS

Addressing European transport ministers in Rome last week, Richard Deakin, the Chief Executive of UK air traffic services provider NATS, urged the European Commission to take a new approach to reforming the continent’s fragmented air traffic network...

NATS signs agreement with Association of European Airlines

Airport news  •  3 July 2014  •  NATS

NATS and the Association of European Airlines have entered into a strategic partnership to explore ways of driving progress towards a Single European Sky and delivering additional savings for airlines in Europe...

NATS signs agreement with Airbus ProSky

Airport news  •  9 April 2014  •  NATS

UK air traffic service provider NATS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus ProSky...

NATS welcomes calls for inquiry into resilience of UK airspace

Airport news  •  9 December 2013  •  NATS

NATS agrees that an inquiry into the level of contingency and resilience in UK airspace would be welcome and beneficial for all...

SITA enables seamless data link service for ATM in UK-Ireland FAB airspace

Airport news  •  13 February 2013  •  SITA

Aircraft flying into UK and Irish airspace are set to enjoy seamless data link service...

NATS and Mitsubishi Research Institute target ATM projects in Japan

Airport news  •  4 February 2013  •  NATS

NATS has signed a MoU with the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Japan...

NATS CEO Deakin: “New runways will only work with new airspace to support them”

Airport news  •  10 December 2012  •  NATS

The importance of airspace, the invisible infrastructure that underpins UK aviation...

NATS on Target for 10% Co2 Cut by 2020 as New CEO Urges Faster Pace

Airport news  •  17 September 2010  •  CANSO

NATS, has announced that it is on course to achieve its ground-breaking emission reduction programme as it reports annual savings of 50,000 tonnes of CO2...

CANSO CEOs Discuss Volcanic Ash – Call for Stronger European Safety Regulator

Airport news  •  15 June 2010  •  CANSO

CANSO, has held a discussion on the fallout from the volcanic ash situation in Europe...


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