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Interview Spotlight: Director of Business Assurance, ICTS, Alan Dutt

20 September 2016  •  Author(s): International Airport Review

ICTS has been a premier supplier of aviation security services for over 25 years. The company’s provision of procedural, physical and electronic security systems can be used in isolation or integrated to provide a comprehensive security solution. Director of Business Assurance, Alan Dutt, reveals ICTS’s Detect & Act training programme.


Please provide an overview of ICTS’s DetAct training programme

DetAct (Detect & Act) is a unusual and surreptitious behaviour recognition training programme specifically developed for public facing personnel which enables them to identify persons who might be classified as high-risk. Using simple, friendly and consensual interaction with trained staff, a person is evaluated using pre-determined standards for ‘ordinary characteristics’ of behaviour.

How was the technique developed?

ICTS developed DetAct training by focusing on human behaviour which allows personnel to identify unusual behaviours/activities and subsequently alerting the local law enforcement authorities.

Why is cognitive engagement a useful tool for airports to deploy?

Security screening at ‘soft targets’ such as large groups in transit, non-secure public areas at airports and seaports, sporting events, shopping centres and theme parks is at best very limited, and at worst non-existent. Places of mass gathering are very vulnerable and become an ‘ideal’ target for terrorism.

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