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Whitepaper: Protecting your organisation from itself

23 September 2016  •  Author(s): QinetiQ


In February of this year security researchers proved that with a simple USB drop in a hospital it was possible to hack patient records, critical medical equipment and patient monitorsi. Vital signs could be manipulated, drug doses changed and medical equipment operated remotely.

Whitepaper: Protecting your organisation from itselfIn 2015 a Morrisons auditor with a grudge was jailed for leaking personal details, including bank details, of 100,000 other employees. It cost Morrisons more than £2 million to rectifyii.

US retailer Target lost hundreds of millions of dollars in 2013 when 110 million customers were affected by a breach stemming from a phishing attack on a contractoriii. Credit card details were stolen as Target’s billing system was compromised.

These hacks all have one thing in common: employees.



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